What a fun year for Miss Ohio Princess!

My year as 2014/15 Miss Ohio Princess was a dream come true.
I entered the NAM pageant without even dreaming I would be a finalist, 
let alone crowned 2014/15
Princess. This was my very first pageant ever and I am so glad that I did.
I was so excited when I flew on my very first plain ever. It was so big and the caption was so nice he let me sit in the caption set and rev up the plain, and wear hes hat. I made a lot of new friends, and a lot of Memories. I was very thankful to
 have met my friend Rylynn Rayne from Texas.
We really had fun together in California and at Disney. 
I had the opportunity to help out some of the
kids in the area at 250 speedway race track.
 I passed out 50 bikes to the kids in the audience almost
every kid got a bike that night.
I also volunteered to pick up trash at the Baberton lake Anna, on earth day.
Another fun opportunity I had was going to the summit county fair,
 where I got to-pass out ribbons and
Tropes to the winners. I really enjoyed all the animals I saw there. They were all so cute.
This had been such a great experience for me and my family. 
I cant wait crown the next Miss Ohio
Princess. I look forward seeing all my Ohio friends again. 
Thank you to all who supported me to
get here. “A dream come true” I am your 2014/15 NAM Ohio Princess Rylynn Lawson


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