Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Miss Amazing Pageant takes it to The National Level!

Jordan Somer, is a former Miss Nebraska TeenSM  that created an organization called the Miss Amazing Pageant! This is a pageant dedicated to girls with a disability. Jordan created the organization when she was just 13 years old and now the event has taken off nation wide!
One of the goals of National American Miss is to encourage girls to get involved in their communites and make a difference in the lives of others. That is exactly what Jordan did!

 Watch this impactful video and see how The Miss Amazing Pageant has changed so many lives!

"How to get Started in Pageants" by Danielle Doty!

Danielle Doty is a former state winner for National American Miss.
She was crowned Miss Texas Junior Pre-TeenSM Miss Texas Pre-TeenSM and Miss Texas Junior TeenSM . After her experience with NAM she went on to capture the title of Miss Texas Teen USA and Miss Teen USA. Watch this informative video and see how Danielle gives advice on how to get started in pageants! We are so proud of Danielle and can't wait to see what she will do next !

Miss Indiana Junior Pre-Teen is Interviewed by a National Radio Station!

Miss Indiana Junior Pre-Teen Olivia Keith made her national radio debut when she gave an interview on Brain Injury Radio. Olivia chats with radio host Matt Duffin about her volunteering with The Brain Injury  Association of Indiana. She also shares on her experience at her state pageant and when she was crowned Miss Indiana Junior Pre-Teen.


Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What is the National American Miss Spokesmodel Competition ?

National American Miss offers a variety of optional competitions. One of them, is the Spokesmodel competition. The Spokesmodel competition gives our contestants the opportunity to perform a speech on the topic of their choice. The goal of the competition is to equip girls with public speaking skills.
 Did you know that public speaking is one of American's number one fears ? 
The Spokesmodel Competition allows the contestants the chance to conquer this fear! So they can ace their class presentations, run for class office or even have a career in front of the camera as a public official or broadcast journalist! 


1.) Pick a topic from Magazine Number 2. They are so opened ended you can pretty much speak on the topic of your choice

2.) Write out and practice your speech. You can have a copy of your speech on the podium, however it is much easier if you already have your speech memorized before pageant weekend. 

3.) Pick out what interview outfit you would like to wear. You can wear the same outfit that you wear for your interview and personal introduction competitions.

4.) Practice speaking clear and with confidence. 

5.) Make eye contact while you are speaking. Look at the judges and the audience.

6.) Know your topic! Make sure you have a passion for what you are speaking about. 

7.) Time yourself! Their is a minute and half time limit. You don't want to go over the time allowed.

8.) Walk out on stage with a big smile.

9.) Say your speech in front of people, that what you get used to speaking in front of others. 

10.) Have FUN!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Former National American Miss Winner Bishara Dorre Wins Miss Wisconsin USA 2014!!

Bishara Dorre, is a former Miss Wisconsin that capurted the title of National American Miss in 2009!
Last Night she went on to capture the title of Miss Wisconsin USA! 
Bishara, got her start with NAM several years ago as she has held several state titles for National American Miss, including Miss Wisconsin Junior TeenSM and Miss Wisconsin TeenSM. Bishara is still involved with NAM as a staff member during the summer season. We are so proud of Bishara and can't wait to watch her go for the Miss USA crown!

Here is Bishara during her reign as The 2009 National American Miss!