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Featuring Former NAM winner Brianna Haggerty-Cannon

Brianna Haggerty- Cannon 2005-2006 National American Miss and.... 2003-2004 National All American Miss Teen. That's right, she has won 2 national titles! She comes from the great state of Texas. 

Her favorite memory from her reign: Traveling to state pageants was her absolute favorite part of being a national title holder; She loved meeting different people in each state and serving as an inspiration to many young girls. She is still in contact with hundreds of people that she met during her summer tour as National American Miss. What is she up to now: Graduated from Texas Christian University in 2008 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Entrepreneurial Management, then continued her graduate education at the University of North Texas to obtain a Master of science in Merchandising. -Brianna's career in retail spans more than 13 years, as has worked in management for some of the world's leading luxury retailers including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and her present career with Ne…

Featuring Former National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Olivia Miller!

It's been 10 years since this beauty captured her NAM National Title! In honor of their 10th anniversary we would love to feature our 2005-2006 NAM National Titleholders! Stay tuned for updates to see what they are up to now! 
A note from Olivia: 
Olivia recently moved to New York City to start her freshman year at LIM College. She is majoring in Fashion Merchandising and concentrating in styling. One day she hopes to create her own dress line, but for now she is enjoying shopping on 5th Avenue, going to Broadway shows, taking walks through Central Park, and taking in the city and all it has to offer one adventure at a time. Olivia will never forget the feeling she had on the national stage as her name was called as the National American Miss Jr.Pre-Teen. Olivia’s favorite memory from her year was traveling to other state pageants and meeting the contestants and their families. This also gave her the opportunity to meet the other state directors with NAM. Traveling to Texas for the…

NAM National Results 2015!

2015-2016 National All-American Miss Princess Milan Mack

2015-2016 National American Miss Princess Ella Wallenfang

2015-2016 National All-American Miss Jr.Pre-Teen Hayleigh Ranf

2015-2016 National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Justice Apodaca

2015-2016 National All-American Miss Pre-Teen Demi Remolador

2015-2016 National American Miss Pre-Teen Shayla Montgomery

2015-2016 National All-American Miss Jr.Teen Jada NewKirk!

2015-2016 National American Miss Jr.Teen Brianna Smith

2015-2016 National All-American Miss Jr. Teen Alissa Parlante

2015 Broadcast Schedule for NAM Nationals!

Just go to to tune in!
All Times Pacific Standard Time
Wednesday, Nov. 25 9:00am – Princess State Queens:  Formal Wear 10:00am – Princess All-American:  Formal Wear 11:30am – Jr. Pre-Teen State Queens:  Formal Wear 12:30pm – Jr. Pre-Teen All-American:  Formal Wear 6:30pm – Princess:  Red Carpet Awards Ceremony 8:15pm – Jr. Pre-Teen:  Red Carpet Awards Ceremony
Thursday, Nov.26 8:15am – Pre-Teen State Queens:  Formal Wear 9:00am – Pre-Teen All-American: Formal Wear 10:45am – Jr. Teen State Queens: Formal Wear 11:30am – Jr. Teen All-American: Formal Wear 12:45pm – Teen State Queens:  Formal Wear 1:30pm – Teen All-American:  Formal Wear 3:30pm – Car Drawing!!!
Friday, Nov. 27 8:00am – Pre-Teen:  Red Carpet Awards Ceremony 12:45pm – Princess All-American:  Pageant Finale 3:15pm – Jr. Pre-Teen All-American:  Pageant Finale 6:00pm – Princess State Queens:  Pageant Finale 8:30pm – Jr. Pre-Teen State Queens:  Pageant Finale
Saturday, Nov. 28 8:00am – Miss All-American & State …

Featuring National American Miss Princess Hailey Stroh

NAM: Tell us about yourself:
Hailey: My name is Hailey Stroh, I am 7 years old and live in Liberty Lake, Washington.  My nickname from my family is Hailey-Bug.They have always called me their little princess because I am always kind to others, I spoke very well and proper when I was little, I would dress up in princess costumes every day, and I loved to dance any time I could and I still do.  If I could dance all day I would, it just makes me feel so happy. What I want to do for a job when I grow up is become a doctor. Ever since I was little I have been pretending to help people get better by using my doctor tools on them.  I really like to help people and be like Jesus and turn a frown into a smile.  That is also probably why my family calls me our family peacemaker because I’m always trying to make others happy and helping my siblings get along and not fight. Something else about me is that I love doing service and have had the opportunity to help the Make-A-Wish Foundation, a wom…

NAM's Top 5 Fashion Tips for NAM Nationals 2015!

NAM's Top 5 Fashion Tips for NAM Nationals 2015!  1.) Start Practicing in Your Shoes Now! You want to command the stage when you step into the NAM National Spotlight, so make sure you are comfortable in the shoes that you are wearing. Practice walking and modeling in your actual stage shoes, so you have one less thing to think about during NAM Nationals.
2.) Go All Out for Themed Rehearsals! This is a super fun part of NAM Nationals that sets up the perfect photo ops! You can post the cutest Instagram pics of you with girls from all over the nation as you are dressed in over the top outfits! Don’t wait till the last minute to put your perfect outfit together. While the host hotel is super helpful they are not equipped with the perfect hat for your State Pride Rehearsal! 
3.) Pack the appropriate undergarments for all your outfits. You don’t want extra straps or unwanted lines to show while you are on stage.  Have a dress rehearsal and make sure everything looks exactly the way you…

Featuring National All-American Miss Teen Jordan Meachum!

NAM: Tell us about yourself: Jordan: My name is Jordan Meachum, and I’m from the Peach State. I’m an 18 year old junior in high school. I love to spend time with my friends and family and try togo to the movies at least once a week! I take Japanese as a foreign language in school, and I’ve been taking it for the past three years. In fact, last summer of 2014, I had the opportunity to travel to Japan with my classmates and explore the Japanese culture and landscape! I would go back in a heartbeat and take my family with me! It was truly an unforgettable experience. I was interviewed and selected by my teachers to be a peer leader. It’s an important responsibility because I have to help rising freshmen adjust to the high school environment by being their mentor. I love to play the violin, piano, and sing (although I’m not quite as gifted as my parents). I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and I love pageants because they are an opportunity to show the potential in everyone who participat…