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Former NAM Titleholder Danielle Doty wins Miss Texas Teen USA !!!

Danielle Doty is no stranger to the pageant spotlight! She captured the hearts of the judges as the 2003-2004 NAM Texas Jr. Pre-Teen, the 2006-2007, NAM Texas Pre-Teen, the 2009-2010 NAM Texas Jr. Teen and now as the 2011 Miss Texas Teen USA!!! We are so proud of Danielle! It has been an honor to watch Danielle grow from a spunky kiddo to a confident, beautiful young lady!
Danielle is a senior at Harlingen High School South, she is currently ranked 9th in her senior class and is an all A honor roll student, a Texas Scholar, the treasurer for the National Technical Honor Society and the historian for the National Honor Society. She is a UCA All-Star cheerleader, a seasoned dancer and tumbler, and an accomplished pole vaulter. Danielle participates in the Student Council, Key Club, Hawks for Christ, Young Life and Fields of Faith. In the fall of 2011 Danielle will begin her freshman year at Baylor University. We cannot wait to see Danielle walk the stage at Miss Teen USA!!!
Danielle Dot…


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