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Be In The Know...

With the 2011 National American Miss National Pageant right around the corner, I went straight to the pros to give out the best advice. I asked NAM girls:  "What is the best pageant advice you have ever received?" Lets see what they had to say...

Laura Nguyen :always have the right amount of confidence... never be over confident ... never not have any confidence at alll. always be right in the middle
Brianna Haggerty Cannon:( 2005-2006 National American Miss)Being a queen isn't about you. It's about representing something much bigger than you, so you have to be relatable. A queen has to be able to talk to anyone about anything and have a likable personality. Thus, it is important for those qualities to translate in your personal introduction and interview.
Sarah Odell:Smile like you already won, do your best, trust God, and dont give up! Ravayna Tracey:(2002-2003 National American Miss Teen) positive pageantry is a must!
if you compete only for a crown and title, the chan…

Mom's Know Best ...

Dawn Lymberopoulos was a bit surprised when her daughter said she wanted to be in a pageant.
“I was a little apprehensive at first,” Dawn says of the day Emily got an invitation to apply to the National American Miss Pageant. “But I had participated in a Miss Teen USA pageant at 16. So I couldn’t deny her.”
Last year, Emily participated and had so much fun she decided to do it again this year. This time, she won Miss Illinois for her age division. She goes on to compete in the national competition in November.
What did you say (and what did you think) when she first proposed the idea?
I thought the experience would help her to grow in a positive way.
National American Miss is very age-appropriate. They discourage makeup, jewelry and polished nails. They focus more on their natural beauty and who they are. This pageant is more about inner beauty, poise, self-confidence and their ability to communicate.
Did you worry that pageants may somehow change her, make her too concerned with appe…