Friday, October 28, 2011

Be In The Know...

With the 2011 National American Miss National Pageant right around the corner, I went straight to the pros to give out the best advice. I asked NAM girls:
 "What is the best pageant advice you have ever received?"
Lets see what they had to say...

Laura Nguyen :always have the right amount of confidence... never be over confident ... never not have any confidence at alll. always be right in the middle

Brianna Haggerty Cannon:( 2005-2006 National American Miss) Being a queen isn't about you. It's about representing something much bigger than you, so you have to be relatable. A queen has to be able to talk to anyone about anything and have a likable personality. Thus, it is important for those qualities to translate in your personal introduction and interview.

Sarah Odell: Smile like you already won, do your best, trust God, and dont give up!
Ravayna Tracey:(2002-2003 National American Miss Teen)  positive pageantry is a must!
if you compete only for a crown and title, the chances are good that you will wind up disappointed. but if you compete with a positive attitude, looking to gain self confidence, new friends, and experience, you will always be a winner!
Haleigh Newman :In interview, it's just like talking to your friends parents or your parents friends.

Sherelle Peterson: You don't have to go into debt to be in pageants, start buying used pageant wear!! I love saving money!

Robin Walters: I use to tell all 3 of my beautiful daughters, just be yourself, and SMILE!

Charika Jordan :A crown doesnt make you a winner your a winner inside your heart!

Kelly Young Klein :To take a breath~ I need to remind myself of that when I have three girls that compete! But the best advise that was ever given to my girls was to go out there and be themselves~ and do their best!!! It really is that simple! No one can ask any more of you. I am always in awe of the girls that do pageants and the grace and confidence that they have!!!

Monica Grace Wolfe: Be Yourself and the Judges will Love you

Amanda Temperton: Be you and walk on stage knowing that you are beautiful and worth it!
              The 2010-2011 National American Miss National Titleholders!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mom's Know Best ...

Dawn Lymberopoulos was a bit surprised when her daughter said she wanted to be in a pageant.
“I was a little apprehensive at first,” Dawn says of the day Emily got an invitation to apply to the National American Miss Pageant. “But I had participated in a Miss Teen USA pageant at 16. So I couldn’t deny her.”
Last year, Emily participated and had so much fun she decided to do it again this year. This time, she won Miss Illinois for her age division. She goes on to compete in the national competition in November.
What did you say (and what did you think) when she first proposed the idea?
I thought the experience would help her to grow in a positive way.
National American Miss is very age-appropriate. They discourage makeup, jewelry and polished nails. They focus more on their natural beauty and who they are. This pageant is more about inner beauty, poise, self-confidence and their ability to communicate.
Did you worry that pageants may somehow change her, make her too concerned with appearances?
I guess there is always a concern that with all the attention a young person gets in a situation like this, it could cause her to become more caught up with her appearance, but in this case it actually taught my daughter that she is beautiful even without all the makeup and things.
That natural beauty comes from within a person.
How is she different from the girls she competes against?
Emily is a typical 13-year-old in many ways. She does however, possess an inner beauty and confidence that I cannot easily explain. The most important things to her are God and friends and family.
What advice did you give her?I told her to do her best. Just before leaving for the pageant, I heard a thought for the day on my favorite radio station. The thought for the day was “Be the change you want to see in the world.” This is a famous quote by Gandhi. I personally had never heard it before that morning. I told Emily, and she took this thought with her to the pageant. On our drive up to Chicago, we stopped at her aunt’s house, who we had not seen for a while. Emily walked in the house and went over to admire some pottery that her aunt had made, and as she stared down at the pottery, to her disbelief, etched in the pottery were the words, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Emily’s shocked and surprised look prompted her aunt to give her the piece of pottery to take with her to the pageant.
Is it hard to watch her lose or to think about the fact that she may lose?
Every experience in life shapes us and molds us into who we become. Even if she had lost the pageant, I believe she would have become a stronger and better person for the experience.
What do you like about the pageants?
I like that they encourage the girls to become leaders, and to serve others by getting involved in their community. They also put more emphasis on inner beauty instead of outward appearance, helping them to like themselves for who they are.
Is there anything you don’t like?
Our experience was a good one. I do have to admit, it can be stressful at times. If you are trying to do everything with excellence and encouraging your child to do her best, this is what can create stress. The demands of family, school and extracurricular activities would create stress in any situation. This is where faith helps.
Dawn Lymberopoulos
Age • 45
Home • Maryville, IL

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