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Featuring Miss Texas Teen Cover Girl!

Serving as your 2015 NAM Texas Teen Cover Girl has been an AbSoLuTeLyAmAziNg experience!
Throughout the summer I had the opportunity to work with so many fantastic NAM finalists, Directors & Sister Queens from all across the country. Regardless of which state pageant I happened to visit, I was always surrounded by genuine NAM spirit, pride and friendliness.
My travel- filled summer came to an end once my senior year in high school began. This provided a wonderful opportunity to get involved in local community events. I had the privilege of leading a group of 14-18 yr. old girls participating in the Knot-it- Forward project. Together, we made dozens of hand-tied fleece blankets for terminally ill patients cared for by Optum Hospice in San Antonio. These super soft blankets brought much happiness and comfort to the patients and will be forever cherished as keepsakes by their family members. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the members of Optum Hospice and was able to provide over 15…

Featuring Miss Texas Jennifer Rye!

I have always believed that God will never place a dream deeply in your heart without letting it come to fruition, for he knows your truest desires. Eleven years, three state runner up trophies, and one national runner up trophy later… Here I am as your Miss Texas. This year has truly been the biggest blessing I could have ever wished for. Throughout my reign, I founded the local Rotaract in my hometown, traveled to six different cities for open calls and trainings, was Visiting Royalty at the North Texas pageant, and of course flew to Nationals to represent Texas. At Nationals,I was beyond shocked and ecstatic to walk away with third runner up in the National Actress competition. Although I did not win the crown, they mean it, when they say you learn more about yourself in your defeats than you do in your successes. Mama and Daddy, thank you for being my number one supporters and for always giving me the strength to get back on the stage each and every year. You’ve shown me how to fig…

Featuring Miss Texas Teen Arianna Hidalgo

Miss Texas Teen Arianna Hidalgo placed first runner up at the NAM National Pageant! She will pass on her crown to one lucky young lady this weekend at The Miss Texas Teen Pageant! 

Featuring Miss Texas Jr. Teen Rebecca James

Rebecca James, Miss Texas Jr.Teen, will crown her successor this weekend at The Miss Texas Jr. Teen Pageant in Houston, Texas.

Featuring Miss Texas Pre-Teen Emma Malouff

Miss Texas Pre-Teen Emma Malouff will crown her successor this weekend at the Miss Texas Pre-Teen Pageant in Houston Texas!

Featuring Miss Texas Jr. Pre-Teen

Miss Texas Jr. Pre-Teen Kamryn Taylor will crown her successor this weekend at The Miss Texas Jr. Pre-Teen Pageant!

Featuring Miss Texas Princess 2015!NA

Hannah Forsyth, Miss Texas Princess 2015, will crown her successor this weekend at the Miss Texas Princess Pageant!

LIVE Interview with National American Miss Michaela Abelgas!

The 2015-2016 National American Miss Michaela Abelgas was interviewed by NBC Channel 8! Watch her amazing interview and get insight on how she got started with National American Miss! 
Click HERE to watch Michaela's Interview!