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True Beauty to 10 year Old Jazlyn Qualls...

Beauty Jazlyn Qualls
What is true beauty? For the longest time I thought that true beauty was one’s outward appearance. I thought it was seen on those who grace the cover of magazines: no flaws, no imperfections…just absolutely PERFECT. But I’m 10 years old! So to me this just seemed right. When I became accepted as a state finalist in NAM’s Oklahoma Pre-teen division my dad and step-mom started harping a lot about true beauty and how I appeared to have none. We had a lot of talks about exactly what true beauty is and how to achieve it. After several months of this I think I finally have it figured out. To me, true beauty is inside of you. It is one’s inner beauty. So what’s inner beauty? It’s just true beauty but basically tells you where that true beauty is…inside of you. True beauty is the qualities one shows to those around them: caring, concern, compassion, and friendliness. Having these qualities can make anyone a true beauty. I know how busy I have become since becoming a part of …

What is True Beauty to you?

What is True Beauty? by Jianna Garcia – age 7 True beauty is being true to yourself. It is not lots of makeup or fancy things. It is not being glitzy or mean. It is who you are on the inside. It is being kind to others, your family and all animals. No cupcake hands or fake smiles. It is being a natural girl with only true beautiful smiles from the heart. Find The True Beauty Movement on Facebook!

Waheedah Pugh, The 2004-2005 National All-American Miss Teen says "I DO" !

Waheedah Pugh, The 2004-2005 National All- American Miss married her sweetheart on September 24, 2011.  After her national win back in 2004, Waheedah has worked as a National American Miss Choreographer and staff member helping produce NAM shows all around the country and inspiring girls to go after their dreams! Waheedah met the man of her dreams in 2010, when she took a mission trip to Swaziland, Africa. Waheedah and Musa Masinga will reside in Africa and continue to impact the nations with Challenge Ministries.  

Over 40 NAM Staff Members and former titleholders were present for the ceremony

What is True Beauty ....

Several Months ago former NAM winner Amanda Moreno asked the question, What is True Beauty? Here is what NAM girls had to say....
So Deja, can you tell Momma “What is true beauty?” Sure, Momma.It’s about who you are inside.When you are kind to others and you care about them and when you like to help others because it makes you happy … you know, so that you can have that joyful feeling.When you are joyful, you smile and when you smile not only do you feel good on the inside, but you look great on the outside … see everyone can be beautiful… just be happy, helpful and kind to others… and smile! Deja Fitzwater, age 6 TRUE BEAUTY ON FACEBOOK

NAM Oregon Titleholders Meet the Stars of American Idol !!!

The 2011 National American Miss Oregon Pre-Teen Madeline Monlux and The 2011 National  American Miss Oregon Princess Deja Fitzwater got to meet the Judges on AMERICAN IDOL !!!

The 2011 National American Miss North Carolina Jr Pre Teen Recieved the President's Volunteer Service Award !