Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last Month I said "I do"!!

I just wanted to share with all of you that on Sept 16,2012... I got married!!! I'm just so excited to tell you all a little bit about my big day. Last February my best friend asked me to marry him, so the planning got started right away. We had a DIY wedding, that turned into a huge family affair. Hobby lobby and Etsy shortly became my new best friends. I also learned that planning a wedding during pageant season must mean that I am a great multitasker We decided to have an evening wedding at 6:00pm on a Sunday. Our venue was beautiful! We had both the ceremony and reception at Olde Dobbin Station, just right outside of Houston, Texas.
We had so much fun!
I should introduce you to my new husband! His name is Rob Reilly. We met a several years ago at church.
My big day would not be complete with out my NAMILY!
I was so honored that I had so much support from my NAM FAM. Tracie Pinson and Nanciann Strosnider, who many of you know as NAM choreographers, took part as two of my bridesmaids. We actually met over 10 years ago at National American Miss, and have been best friends ever since. Of course National Coordinator LaKisiha Edwards was there. Fun Fact: LaKishia actually crowned me way back in 2000 as Miss Texas Teen! Our National Director's Steve and Kathleen Mayes were part of the event along with State Director Matt Leverton!
This is a silly one from our photobooth!


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

National American Miss Florida Jr.Teen Gives Back !!!

As kids all across the country headed back to school for the 2012 year, The 2012 National American Miss Florida Jr.Teen made it just a little bit easier for students in her community. Keisha Abelgas made it her first official job to donate the books and school supplies donated by the Florida National American Miss Contestants. As part of the National American Miss program each contestant is asked to donate a book or school supplies as part of their total score. Then the supplies are donated all across the country. Keisha made a huge impact on her community by donating hundreds supplies to the middle and elementary schools in her district.