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Showing posts from February 28, 2010

Isabella Giovanna Cowley The 2009 National American Miss Maryland Jr Preteen Visits the Good Morning America Set !

Isabella Giovanna Cowley went to New York City to visit Good Morning America!!! She even got a tour of the set and pictures with all of the news anchors !!! "I got to meet all the fantastic anchor men and women and speak to the other little girls about NAMISS that were in the studio! I even got to take a wonderful tour!" Isabella
Isabella with Robin Roberts "I think I may have even outdone Sam "Storm" Champion delivering the news! I have NAMISS to thank for my fantastic public speaking skills from the fabulous spokesmodel competition! Who knows, maybe I will be a news correspondent one day! It could happen!" Isabella NAM titleholders with Juju Chang With George Stephanopoulos

NAM California Titleholders make appearance at Kids Helping Kids Charity Event!!!

The California NAM titleholders walk the Red Carpet for the Kids Helping Kids Charity Event. All of the proceeds went to help the childern of Haiti !!! Crystal Navarrete 2009-2010 National American Miss California Jr Teen

Shannon Smith The National All-American Miss Teen makes appereance at Texas Open Calls !!!

If you were at the Houston area Open Calls this past weekend you were in for an extra special treat because Shannon Smith the 09-10 National All-American Miss Teen was present and spoke to the crowd on just what NAM means to her !!!  Shannon is an awesome girl that attends Baylor University. She signed autographs and took lots of pictures!!! To find out more about this amazing rolemodel, check out her exculsive interview!!!
Click for Shannon's Interview !!!

Shannon Speaking to the girls about her experience as the 2009-2010 National All-American Miss Teen.

Open Calls 2010... Lets Kick off Pageant Season with a BANG !!!

I officially started my 2010 pageant season yesterday as I traveled from the ATX ... otherwise known as Austin, Texas to Houston, Texas. I’m so excited that we kicked off Open Calls because that means pageant season is just around the corner!!! If this is your first year at NAM, I can NOT wait to meet you. You will love NAM, it truly is a life changing experience!!! It is a great way for you to make new friends and gain valuable life long skills! Whether you want to be an actress or a teacher or whatever you want to be NAM will help you achieve your dreams. You will learn how to set goals and achieve them. You will have a blast performing on stage and having your moment to shine!!! Make memories, let your personality shine and take too many pictures! lol

If you are returning to NAM this year I can't wait to see you again!!! This year is going to be AWESOME!!! Set new goals and try something new , maybe try a different optional competition or make a goal to become facebook friends …

Madisen Hill Former NAM National All- American Miss Preteen and Miss Missouri Jr Teen gets High Reviews for her Outstanding Performance at the Kids Helping Kids Benefit Concert for Project Haiti !!!

Madisen Hill is on her way to becoming the next POP sensation !!! Madisen donated her voice for an amazing cause, and helped raise money for the children of Haiti. As part of the "Young Hollywood Stars" Madisen got rave reviews for her outstanting performance!! Splash Magazine Online, Called Madisen a rising star and even compared her voice to Super Star Christina Aguilera !!! Keep your ears opened for Madisen's beautiful voice because she is currently working on her first album !!!
"A highlight performance of the show was flawlessly showcased by singer Madisen Hill from St. Louis Missouri. She is currently working on her first album to be released as her voice lit up the room and the audience was riveted by her high-energy flirty girl-next-door performance." Madisen on the Red Carpet !!! Click for the Full Article on Madisen and Kids Helping Kids!!!

Caitlyn Taylor Love, Former NAM Texas Jr Preteen on the Red Carpet for Kids Helping Kids !!!

Caitlyn Taylor Love fomer National American Miss Texas Jr Preteen and now Disney Star of the hit TV show "I'm in the Band" donated her time and beautiful voice for Kids Helping Kids a benifit concert to help the children of Haiti !!! Click Here to See Caitlyn's Interview on the Red Carpet for Kids Helping Kids !!!