Friday, March 26, 2010

Meet Tara-Nicole Azarian The 2009 National American Miss North Carolina Jr Preteen !

Lets get the scoop on the young lady that took home the NAM North Carolina Jr Preteen title last year !!! Tara-Nicole is a very busy tween with a very bright future ahead of her ! She is an all-star cheerleader and very busy actress!!! Lets get to know more about her...

Tiffany: What does your title mean to you?
Tara-Nicole: It means a great deal to me. I worked very hard to win my State NAM title! It's also an affirmation that NAM does look for "real" girls. My mom & I prepared for the pageant together. I do not have a coach, I wrote my introduction & we shopped for my clothes at regular formal stores. Me being me was all I needed to be...and that's how I think it should be! Pageants should encourage & motivate girls to be the best THEM they can be & not to try to be anyone else!

Tiffany: What activities are you involved in?
Tara-Nicole: I am an actress, I am an All-Star cheerleader, a Girl Scout, I dance & I volunteer!
Tiffany: Tell me about the up coming movie you are in.
Tara-Nicole: Well, I've been in several movies that are in post production or have been released in theaters or film festivals. My latest movie to be released is an indie film called "Judith: The Night She Stayed Home." It's a prequel to the movie "Halloween". It has received several good reviews so far & one even mentioned me!!! You can read more about it on IMDB. Also, if you know where to look for me, you can see me several times in the movie "Blood Done SIgn My Name" which is in theaters now.
Tiffany: What was it like working on set?
Tara-Nicole:Well...every set is different. Some are fast paced & high energy & others are more relaxed. Josh Hasty ("Judith" director) & Kenny Caperton ("Judith" Producer) ran a very fun, relaxed set. I loved, LOVED every second working with them....but, I happen to love working in horror films, as I find the FX (special effects) make-up fascinating. I also REALLY like films when my character is evil....ask any actor - there's nothing like playing a villain!
On the set of "The Trial" with Matthew Modine
Tiffany: What is the Movie about?
Tara-Nicole: "Judith: The Night She Stayed Home" is a backstory about the characters in the "Halloween" movie. I play Jamie Perry. I am a sweet girl from the neighborhood, who decides to trick or treat at Michael's house!
Tiffany: When can we watch it?
Tara-Nicole: The premiere for "Judith" was March 7th in Raleigh, NC. I know it's scheduled for many more screenings, but I do not have the schedule yet. I will keep you updated though! I will say that is is a film for only teens & adults to see, since it's a horror film. I do have another film in post produciton, "katy Dee, Girl Detective" & it is a family / Christian / mystery perfect for the entire family. It is a straight to DVD release & will be available sometime early summer. I will let you know as soon as I get my copy!
Filming "Judith" 
Tiffany: What do you like to do for fun?
Tara-Nicole: Well...actually acting is what I love to do! And that's a good thing, because it is hard work & very time consuming. Besides acting, I totally love All-Star cheering. The gymnastics element keeps me comming back for more after every practice. My family & I are also HUGE Disney freaks & we go to Disney World in FL as often as we can. I know every inch of all 4 parks blindfolded! :o)
On the set of "Blood Done Sign My Name" with Rick Schroder

Tiffany: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Tara-Nicole: Personally: I want to be happy & successful, Professionally: I want to continue acting.

Tiffany: If you could have one wish what would it be?
Tara-Nicole: hmmmmm. Ok, if you mean a wish for would be to go on one of the new Disney Cruise ships - I am dying to check out the water roller coasters the new ships have! If it's a wish for would be for every child to have at least one person in his or her life that loves them to the end of time. We all need that absolute, unconditional love & support to make us good people & successful people. Kids are the future. Just think of how much could be achieved if every child had a stable home life?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kendyl Kimbler 09-10 National All-American Miss Jr Teen meets Miss America 2010 Caressa Cameron !!!

Hi Everyone! This is Kendyl, your National All American Miss Jr. Teen! One of the best memories so far during my reign Is going to Las Vegas with my sister queens to see the Miss America Pageant. Well, imagine my excitement when I found out that Miss America, Caressa Cameron was coming to my hometown!!! Thanks to a promotion by DSW Shoes, I WAS GOING TO MEET HER live and in person!!!
OK, First Decision...What do you wear to meet Miss America??? 5 outfits later, Mom and I decided on Texas Casual (blue jeans and a nice sweater). Straight hair or curled? Straight, since it was so windy outside. Shoes? Boots that my sister bought at DSW. I will tell her tomorrow that I borrowed them (maybe). So, ready to go fight the TX traffic! I couldn't wait to get there!
My first impression of Miss America was how TINY she was! You know how you always picture celebrities as larger than life? She is beautiful, flawless skin, and the prettiest smile! I found out her first pageant was "Future Little Miss America" when she was 7, she won Miss Virginia on her second try and her favorite part about Texas is the food !!! She loves Tex Mex and of course she LOVES shoes! She gets a new pair from DSW everyday !What did I like the most about Miss America? Caressa is a real, friendly, down to earth, NORMAL person...Just like
Kendyl with Miss America 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Meet Kelli McBee the 09-10 National American Miss Oregon Teen !!!!

Lets take a look at this outstanding young lady who captured the Miss Oregon Teen title as well as the Golden Achievement in Community Service Award at the National Pageant !!!

Tiffany: What does the title of NAM Oregon Teen mean to you?
Kelli: The title of Miss Oregon Teen means so much more to me than it sounds. After so much hard work preparing my speeches, finding the "perfect" dress, and trying to let my natural self shine through, winning the title was the most exhilarating feeling of reward for my preparation during the end of my busy senior year! More than that though, the title has truly enabled me to serve my community and make meaningful contributions. The most significant was my Books For Soldiers Drive, that I'll describe below, but also holding a Queen's Day at the Children's Museum, riding in parades, and being a role model for women of all ages.

Tiffany:What activities are you involved in ?
Kelli: This year has been busy with some great extracurricular activities! I have been actively involved every week in the Boston College Student Admissions Program as a Day Visit Host, Greeter, and High School Ambassador. I also volunteer weekly for Learning to Serve which is a service program (see below), Circle K which is the college extension of Key Club service club, lecturing at St. Ignatious Church every month, being a member of the College Republicans Club, SwingKids swing dance club, and playing on the intramural softball team during the fall. I am also a St. Thomas Moore Society member, Big & Little Sisters Mentee, take salsa dance lessons, piano lessons, and work out 4 to 5 times each week.

Tiffany: What did you do to earn the NAM Golden Achievement in Community Service Award ?
Kelli: Having a brother in the military opened my eyes to the hardships that our military service men and women must endure while on duty both here and overseas. After realizing that much of the time, when not fighting, service men and women have little to help pass the time, I created a “Books for Soldiers Drive” that was extremely successful and brightened many soldiers’ days. After deciding that I wanted to hold the drive, I collaborated with various businesses around town to be hosts of drop-off locations. With donation sites at Banner Bank, US Bank, Children’s Museum of Eastern Oregon, Pendleton Public Library, and Starbuck’s, I made elaborate posters to encourage customers to donate books. I learned in the process that marketing would be a good match for me! With the collection bins around town, I wrote a press release to advertise my project and searched for email addresses of soldiers overseas through my brother’s connections and people in my town. For the next four weeks, I picked up books from the sites three times per week. By the end of the project, over 1500 books were collected! With 37 military locations to send the books, I then boxed up assortments of books of mystery, fantasy, novels, and “girly” style, inserted an explanation of the project, and hauled 62 boxes down to the post office. I paid for the postage with my state pageant prize money and in a month, the books had arrived overseas. I received a wealth of thankful emails and letters from the unsuspecting service men and women and knew that I had really improved their situation. One soldier commented that all they had been reading was “Good Housekeeping” and cookbooks! Holding this project was fun for me and improved the situation of others.
Tiffany: What was it like to take home the Golden Achievement in Service Award at nationals?
Kelli: After winning the Golden Achievement in Service Award, I was ecstatic! Service is such a huge part of my life, so it was really rewarding to get recognized for my over 600 hours I've done in high school. It really inspired me to continue volunteering and serving my community and increased my drive to volunteer more.

Tiffany: How has being a titleholder helped you outreach in your community?
Kelli: By being a titleholder, it has been easier to gather community support for projects and improve the community. One big project I've done is "Diplomas Matter," a dropout prevention program for eighth grade students. I also created "Birthday Bags for Foster Kids," the Mr. PHS Contest, a teacher-classroom supply drive, "You Are Special Bags," and have held Queen's Days at the Children's Museum for girls. I've spoken at many club meetings, promoted NAM and pageantry, helped at functions like National Night Out, ridden in parades, and had fun at photoshoots! Using my title is important, so I've tried to do just that!

Tiffany: What advice can you give to girls that want to start volunteering?
Kelli: To girls who want to start volunteering: DO NOT be discouraged from volunteering no matter what act it is. Serving meals in a local nursing home was one of my favorite volunteer opportunities in high school. It seems so simple to serve food with a smile, but to the elderly, it makes a HUGE difference. The same is to be said about planting trees, cleaning up walkways, or whatever volunteering. Little acts of kindness make a big difference in the lives of others.
Tiffany: What are your plans after for the future?
Kelli: I am majoring in communications and minoring in organizational studies. I want to be a successful public relations specialist and a loving mother. Recently, I've decided that I want to stimulate my business side and run my own gown shop, too (thank you NAM for showing me my love for fashion)

Tiffany: What is your defintion of a NAM girl?
Kelli: NAM girls are no typical girls. They have an awareness of the "bigger picture" not just themselves, and show it through making an impact in their world. NAM girls are conscious of the needs of their community and other people. intelligent in their decisions, and involved in their areas of passion. Their inner beauty drives their actions as positively build a better community.

Tiffany: How has being involved in NAM changed your life?
Kelli: The ways in which NAM has changed me life are too numerous to fit in on paper! Fundamentally, competing in my first pageant changed my entire career field from landscape architecture to communications. I learned that I love public speaking, being in the public eye, and interacting with other people- which has directed me to public relations.I also learned skills that I didn't even know I'd picked up pageant weekend, such as ease in talking with others, confidence in myself, who I am, and what I stand for, and great posture. Interview skills will help for the rest of my life.The memories that I've made due to NAM have been the most significant way. My mother and I have a new passion for shopping! We have grown so much closer and I thank NAM for that. My father and I have the best memories when he escorts me. My brothers have really
enjoyed watching me grow and being apart of NAM in their own special way as well.

Tiffany: What is the biggest misconception about "Pageant girls"?
Kelli: I actually wrote about a similar topic for a paper on "pageant girls!" The biggest misconception is that pageant girls are superficial pageant machines who are snooty and mean. I have not met any girls that fit this description while in NAM. Girls are not full of themselves and try to make other participants fail. Of course there is a little competition, but NAM creates true friendships by having a grea group of girls participate. Pageant girls are not dumb, like many may think. They are intelligent, forward-moving role models, doing the best they can to improve the situations of others'.

Tiffany: What advice do you have for girls that want to enter NAM?
Kelli: To girls who want to enter NAM: do it!! Don't hold back! Pageant weekend is a time that you will see yourself grown in immeasurable ways, from public speaking to confidence. If you let yourself be your best you, you will relax and have a blast. Even if you do not win, you have still won in the long run with the qualities that you develop over the weekend. It is important to learn about yourself and your capablities, and this is how you can do it!

Tiffany: If you could have one wish what would you wish for?
Kelli: I was wishing to win the national title, but now my one wish is to live a happy, healthy life with my knight in shining armor and family, preferably in a tropical paradise with a never ending supply of the candy Dots !!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Erika Porras 09-10 National American Miss Preteen give interview to Postlatino Newspaper!!!

Erika is having a great time as the National American Miss Preteen !!! She has been making lots of appearances and having a blast as national titleholder !!! She was interviewed by the Postlatino Newspaper!!!