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Meet The 2015 -2016 National All-American Miss Pre-Teen Demi Remolador!

NAM: Tell us about yourself: Demi: My name is Demi Remolador and I am from Henderson, Nevada. I love to sing, dance, act, model, swim, play with my dog & brothers, volunteer, and love to make people laugh! One of my goals this year is to have every single person I meet, spread a smile across their face. :)

NAM: What activities are you involved in? Demi: Ever since I was a little girl, I was always involved in acting, singing, dancing, and modeling. These activities ended up becoming my ultimate passion and I can’t see myself doing anything else in life! At school, I’m also the President of the National Junior Honor Society.
NAM: What are your plans for the future? Demi:When I grow up, I would like to attend Juilliard and live my life as a famous performing artist. I would also like to start my own charity dedicated to Animal Rights and giving a home to as many furry friends as possible.
NAM: How would your friends describe you? Demi: My friends would describe me as smart, kind, and funny…