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NAM Tips from Former Two Time National Winner Olivia Henken!

Tips From Olivia: Hey ladies!! Welcome to Nationals! Seems like just yesterday I was in your shoes preparing for the most exciting week of my life! I was so blessed to be able to compete at the National level of National American Miss twice and those are cherished moments I won’t soon forget. If I could give you any advice, most importantly, BE YOURSELF. The judges on the state level already fell in love with the girl you are, show the National judges what lies within that beautiful shell. Second, always remember to have a smile on your face. You never know who’s watching; It could be a judge or a Princess contestant longing to be you one day. Wearing a National American Miss crown and sash is a honor and you are now a role model for so many girls you may not even know are looking. Lastly, HAVE FUN! The staff at National American Miss provide you with so many fun activities and a platform to meet so many wonderful new friends from across the country. I still keep in touch with many of…

Top Tips to ROCK NAM Nationals!

Former NAM National Winner, Hoang-Kim Cung shares her tops tips to prepare for The NAM National Pageant! Hoang-Kim is a former Miss Texas Jr. Teen, National American Miss Texas and The 2012-2013 National American Miss!

1. Visualization  Your mind is the most powerful thing you own, use it to your advantage and be positive! Visualize yourself going through each and every phase of competition, including your formal wear, personal introduction and interview. You can even envision the moments backstage before and after too! This way when you are in the moment you'll feel extra prepared. Your body can go on "auto-pilot" and you can truly enjoy the moment without worrying about competing. I learned the true power of visualization from my figure skating days and it has served me so well in life. 
2. Be Zen It sounds crazy because your heart will most likely feel like it's going to explode out of your chest, but before you step onstage, try and be as calm as possible. I like t…

Get Ready for NAM Nationals 2014 with Tips from NAM Alumni!

Former National American Miss Rachel Landes gives her Top 3 Tips to get ready for NAM Nationals! 
Focus on what you can can control in the moment.--The only person and performance you can control is yourself. Focus your energy on preparing yourself so you can be your best self, not worrying about how other girls are performing.
Shake it out.--Before I would step on stage, whether it was for Personal Introduction, Formal Wear or the Opening Number, I would always shake my hands out while counting an eight-beat or two. It's a great way to focus your mind and literally shake out any last-minute nerves!
Positive affirmation.--Think of a quick, positive, upbeat positive affirmation to say in your head as you take a deep breath before stepping on stage. This always helped me be in the moment and crack an extra big smile.

Where is she now:Rachel graduated from Drake University in 2013 with my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with majors in Magazine Journalism and Marketing. She…