Thursday, June 12, 2014

Featuring Miss Texas Princess!

What an amazing and wonderful feeling being crowned as National American Miss Texas Princess! It started just with a dream and became a reality on June 8, 2013. I joined with excitement & joy, showed off my talents in singing & modeling....i am so proud I got a lot of trophies  that day, that includes the Miss personality award, talent winner and top it all I got to go to California to represent Central  Texas. As Miss Texas I joined the Fourth of July Parade, I had the opportunity to meet the city of Huntsville’s  Mayor Woodward, volunteered  in every event I can and donated my time at Rita B. Huff Animal Shelter. It feels great knowing that in my own little way I could be of service to our community.
I had great time during the National pageant, from the Hollywood tour to the castle at Disneyland. I met all Disney characters and princesses… What a blast we had!  .aside from all of these wonderful experiences I met many girls like me across the state and made good friends. We had fun in every rehearsals and even during the pageant we can't just help but play....and that's one thing I will cherished in my heart made me even happier when I got 2 national titles ...National Actress & National Casual Wear Model!
These will never be possible without our Good provider above who always guide and bless us, Almighty God thank you for giving me talents to share with others. To Daddy & Mommy thank you for helping me find my wings...I am so blessed to have you both. Lolo & Lola, Tatay & Nanay for their unending love and support, to all my Titas & Titos, relatives & friends thank you for all the financial help & for believing in NAM thank you for the opportunity and for making me part of NAMily ...thank you all so much for helping me realize my dream.....
To all the girls and to the next Miss Texas Princess good luck, enjoy and have fun!

Kristel Fae Cababasay 
Miss Texas (Central) Princess 2013

Featuring Miss Texas Teen!

I am so beyond grateful for all of the opportunities I've come across thanks to National American Miss and my participation over the past 12 years. I started off as a shy young thing, terrified of coming out from behind my mother's leg. We all start from somewhere, right? But one of the more important lessons I've learned over the years is that where you start isn't anywhere near as important as the effort you put in to get where you're going. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful people can become when they set their mind to achieve a goal. I hope that you touch everyone with whom you come into contact this weekend. Every individual you meet is on a journey. Let your energy and excitement inspire you to make every interaction a special memory.
This past year I have had the opportunity to make various appearances, including riding in the Fourth of July Parade with my sister queens. I had a blast at nationals, getting to know amazing girls from all around the country and performing alongside them. I was very blessed to make dear friendships and memories. It was icing on the cake to place in the top 5 for both most promising model and photogenic, and let me tell you, my dessert could not possibly have been any sweeter. As my reign comes to a close, I must acknowledge that this weekend is going to be bitter sweet for me. However, nothing will bring me greater joy than spending the weekend with phenomenal girls and helping you all reach your dreams in any way that I can.
It has been said that life is about finding yourself, but I disagree. My involvement with National American Miss has empowered me with the courage to create myself. I stand before my mirror a strong 19 year old, poised between youth and adulthood, ready to take on the tasks that lay ahead of me with determination and hope, and I cannot wait to see how your experience with NAM inspires you.  Let your newfound confidence empower you to be the best version of yourself that you possibly can, and above all else, stay present in each moment, focusing on enjoying every little detail. The journey is what makes achieving your goal so phenomenal of an experience, and I can't wait to hear about all of your journeys when we meet in person at the pageant.
Elizabeth Renee Pospisil
National American Miss Central Texas Teen

Featuring Miss Texas Jr.Teen

A journey will begin when you give your dreams the chance to be chased.  A year ago today the journey of my lifetime began.  Little did I know walking into the 2013 Texas State pageant would leave me walking away as a queen.  My royal duties started off right away with my cover girl. Marianna and I had a blast being able to travel and make appearances together.   Not only was I able to travel to places in Texas but I had the opportunity to travel to Anaheim, California, where I would spend the best 9 days of my life.  The fun didn’t stop after our 12 hour day at Disneyland.  It continued on during all of our fabulous rehearsal times. Being able to compete at a national pageant has really brought the best out of me. I walked away with sparkling confidence and new best friends from all over the country.  Although I have NAM to thank for that, I could never thank my #1 Fan, biggest supporter, and checkbook enough. Yes Momma, I mean you. Thank you for always believing in my dreams, and always providing me with the tools to accomplish them.   I couldn’t have done this without you.  A huge good luck goes out to all of the beautiful girls who came out this weekend and followed their dreams. It does not take a crown to make you a winner.  I hope you will all walk away tonight with a new sense of confidence you will carry for a lifetime.  To my successor, never forget, this journey is not about who you are with a crown on.  It’s about who you are without it on.  Always remember to stay humble and allow yourself to become the best role model you can be.  Today begins the journey of a lifetime for one of you.  May the glory go to God.  For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and never to hurt you.  Thank you God and National American Miss for the best year of my life.  Signing off for the last time, I am your 2013-2014 Miss Texas Junior Teen, Arianna Hidalgo.