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Featuring Miss Texas Princess!

Featuring Miss Texas Teen!

I am so beyond grateful for all of the opportunities I've come across thanks to National American Miss and my participation over the past 12 years. I started off as a shy young thing, terrified of coming out from behind my mother's leg. We all start from somewhere, right? But one of the more important lessons I've learned over the years is that where you start isn't anywhere near as important as the effort you put in to get where you're going. It never ceases to amaze me how powerful people can become when they set their mind to achieve a goal. I hope that you touch everyone with whom you come into contact this weekend. Every individual you meet is on a journey. Let your energy and excitement inspire you to make every interaction a special memory. This past year I have had the opportunity to make various appearances, including riding in the Fourth of July Parade with my sister queens. I had a blast at nationals, getting to know amazing girls from all around the co…

Featuring Miss Texas Jr.Teen