Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A wonderful year comes to a close for The 2010 National American Miss Ohio Jr Teen Kacey Gallup!

It’s hard to believe that one year ago I was standing on this very stage waiting to hear my name called as the 2010 Miss Ohio Junior Teen. I am still in disbelief. To add the excitement I also won casual wear my very first year of doing it! But the best part of all was winning miss congeniality- what an honor that was! My reign was off to a quick start as I through out the first pitch for the Toledo Mud Hens. I also held my own charity event for our local food bank and was able to donate over one thousand dollars to help feed the hungry. I spent all of my year volunteering at the Children’s Hospital and with the Big Brothers Big Sisters Organization. I met so many young children who have made me realize what the most important things in life are. Light the Night was an amazing event that all of my sister queens and I were able to attend. Next was Nationals! I had a blast at Disneyworld and the Hollywood Tour is something I will never forget. I was so excited that I made the top 10 and will never forget all the memories and friendships I made.
My national American miss experience has been so rewarding. After 5 years of competing, I discovered that there is no instant success. It takes patience and perseverance. It was those years of trying that made me stronger and more determined.
To all of my sister queens- you all are the most extraordinary young ladies I have ever met; I cannot imagine my year without each one of you.
Mr. and Mrs. Mayes- thank you for being such wonderful directors and creating a pageant system where girls can truly be themselves.
All of the NAM staff- I had a blast with each one of you! Especially working the open calls. Thank you for always keeping things interesting and fun.
Mom and Dad- none of this would have been possible without your support. Thank you for always believing in me and making my biggest dream become a reality. I will always be your little girl.
Will- thank you for always keeping me calm and making me laugh when I would get stressed. Your stunning looks make everyone turn their heads and stare. I envy your talent and strive to be more like you. I know you’re the favorite child but that’s okay with me. You are the best big brother a girl could ask for.
Most importantly I would like to give thanks to God. Without him I would not be the young lady I am today. He has blessed my family with so much.       
To my successor- get ready! Use your year to inspire others grow as a queen and continue writing your own life story. All eyes are now on you.
For the last time I’m proud to say, I am your reigning 2010 National American Miss Ohio Junior Teen Kacey Gallup.

Volunteering in her community !

Kacey's Crowning Moment !

It's been a great year for The 2010 National American Miss Ohio Titleholders !!!

This weekend is the 2011 National American Miss Ohio Pageant !!! Its been a great year for the 2010 Titleholders! Take a look at who will be crowning their successors this weekend !

Brynne Mayne The 2010-2011 National American Miss Ohio Teen

Kacey Gallup The 2010-2011 National American Miss Ohio Jr Teen

Kristen Nguyen The 2010-2011 National American Miss Ohio Pre-Teen

Kristen Nguyen2010 Miss Ohio Pre-Teen

It's a Top 5 Finish for The 2010 National American Miss Ohio Princess Haley Thomas!

I knew at an early age while I was watching my big sister compete at National American Miss that I just had to be part of the fun.  Last July I got my chance when I was crowned the new Ohio Princess.  I was so excited.

The excitement really began when we traveled to “That State up North” – Michigan as visiting royalty.

I became quick friends with Michigan contestant Selia Rendon.  An unlikely friendship a Buckeye and a Wolverine.  And surprise Selia was crowned as the Michigan Princess. Together our families were off to California and the national pageant.

We had a great time during the Hollywood tour.  We even got up close and personal with Mario Lopez – Super Cutie.  Our time at Disney was of course magical.  The fashions were stunning and the company well Goofy.  Sharing the Thanksgiving Banquet with family and new friends was amazing.

Nationals got even better when I heard the name of the great state of Ohio called as a top 10 finalist and then even better when I head the name of the great state of Ohio as a top 5 finalist – and then my heart pounded when I heard that I would represent the great state of Ohio as the 4th Place Runner Up in the Nationals Queen’s Court. 

The sweetest part of my success at Nationals was that my sister queens where there to share my national experience.  Juliana, Kristen, Kacey, Brynne and Lindsey I couldn’t ask for my supportive and sister queens.  Our sleepovers and charitable events were so much fun.  You are truly in my hearts.

Being a pageant queen is tiring and not always glamorous but when you have a big sister like Taylor to share the fun times the memories grow and grow.   She is beautiful in so many ways.  Thanks Tay-Tay. My family are my biggest fans.  Sissy, Grandma and Grandpa Bradford, Grandma Marilyn and Papa Rich and my entire family I love you.

My parents Lisa and Travis have given me the tools and the opportunity to make choices in my young life.  Thank you for allowing me to experience new and exciting adventures.  Brave Hearts; Strong Minds.

During my reign my sister queens Kristen, Brynne and I helped welcome the new Governor of Ohio – John Kasich.  We celebrated his election with the hot new rock band New Holland.  I got to spend some one on one time with his wife Karen and their daughters.   Later, Governor Kasich and Mrs. Kasich sent me a letter of achievement in recognition of my success at Nationals and representing the state of Ohio as a member of the National Queen’s Court.

Thank you to the entire staff of National American Miss.  You are unmatched with your smiles and encouragement of young ladies.  It has been a true joy to work and grow with you.

It makes me very sad to see how fast this year has flown by. But in my heart of hearts I know that once a NAM queen always a NAM queen.

I know have the privilege of passing my title to a new bright eyed young lady looking to find her dreams and memories and believe me when I say there will be lots of precious memories.

Remember, this is your moment; this is your time to shine.  Make your reign as the new Ohio Princess the best it can possibly be.

All that is left to say now is thank you and farewell and until we meet again.  I am your reigning
2010 – 2011 National American Miss Ohio Princess Haley Thomas.

Volunteering with her sister queens!
Haley placed top 5 in the nation at the NAM National Pageant !

Monday, July 11, 2011

It's Been a GREAT year for Juliana Heichel, The 2010 National American Miss Ohio Jr Pre-Teen!

Hey Girls,
I can’t believe it has been a year since I was crowned the National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Queen Ohio. I’ll never forget the moment when I heard my name called and bubbles were floating everywhere. I couldn’t stop smiling as I looked over at my sister who also placed in the top five.
I had a blast appearing in parades, singing at events and raising money for Leukemia in the Light the Night Walk. I became fast friends with my sister queens and going to Nationals in sunny California for the second time was so much fun.
I would like to thank Steve and Kathleen Mayes for giving me the opportunity to represent Ohio and be a positive role model for other girls in my state. And thank you to my fabulous family. To my sister Madison, I am so happy we were able to take this journey together for a second time. To my Mom and Dad, thank you for your unconditional love and sacrifice. To Miss Rhonda thank you for your constant support and to my Nana, thank you for being my biggest cheerleader at Nationals.
Girls, the best advice I can give you this weekend is have fun, look fabulous and make friends that will last forever. Then everyone wins! Good-bye for now my NAM family, until we meet again when all three Heichel sisters take the stage!
God Bless,
Your National American Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Queen
Juliana Payton Heichel