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NAM is Featured on The Pageant Planet: National American Miss in Review !

Michaela Jacobs crowns the new National American Miss Teen, Maddie Helget. Photo: Rod Aberegg Voted the number one pageant system in the nation, National American Miss (NAM) is truly unlike any other pageant system in the country. Whether you have competed in pageants before or it’s your first time to step on a stage, NAM is the perfect opportunity for “Today’s Girl.” The goal of NAM is to instill valuable life-long skills in each contestant that will build your confidence and set you up for success! No matter what your future plans include, each contestant walks away with a newfound sense of purpose and confidence, as well as the skills to achieve all of her dreams. Nothing compares to the sisterhood of NAM girls! Photo courtesy of National American Miss.Getting Involved Open calls are held to inform all new NAM contestants and their families about the values, goals and mission of NAM. These are free informational sessions that go into great detail about what NAM is all about, what to…