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Tips for Personal Introduction!

It's that time of the year where the top competitors from across the nation are preparing for the largest event in pageantry... NAM Nationals! Here are some tips to help you perfect your introduction for the Personal Introduction Competition!
The NAM Personal Introduction Competition focuses on public speaking. The goal of this competition is to equip NAM Finalist with the skills needed to address the public. Whether it is conquering your school presentation or a future job presentation, this competition teaches girls how to command the audience from the mic! 
1.) Pay attention to the time limit! For NAM State Pageants you have 30 seconds and for NAM Nationals you have 60 seconds. You will be timed as soon as you start speaking. It is important that you do not go over you allowed time. Practice so you finish your intro a few seconds behind your allowed time. 
2.) Do not wait till pageant week to write your intro. You want to practice before hand. You want to feel comfortable…

NAM Girl in The News!

BY DEREK SHUCKThursday, 25 August 2016In print on Page A1
DONATE. Bella Baker donated the school supplies to Charlie's Dinosaur on Monday, Aug. 22.     Photo by Derek Shuck / The Tacoma Weekly When 6-Year old Bella Baker was crowned NAM Miss Washington Princess over 33 other competitors last  weekend, she had a decision to make. Every competitor had to bring school supplies to enter the competition  and the winner would get to donate them all to a charity of their choice, on behalf of National American Miss.  Luckily for Bella, she knew just the one, Tacoma Mainstay Charlie’s Dinosaur. Charlie’s Dinosaur is a non-profit organization established in 2012 after the tragic death of Charlie and  Braden Powell at their father’s hand. started by five Pierce County Detectives  (including Ed Troyer, Baker’s grandfather,) to gather materials to help children moving out of abuse and  into foster care. The children rarely have clean clothes, toiletries or anything to pass the time in the few days  whe…

Every Girl Needs That Little Black Dress...

This year The 2016 NAM National Finalist will rock these beautiful Mon Cheri dresses for their Opening Number Dance! We are so excited to partner with Mon Cheri! 
All NAM National Finalist that are attending NAM Nationals 2016 need to submit their size by September 12, 2016! Please go to for details! 
Lets her what NAM Girls are saying about these fabulous dresses: 

"When I first saw the opening number dress for this year's Nationals, I immediately loved the classy vintage inspired floral look. I know for sure Queens will feel confident and beautiful in this chic and playful floral dress that is so hot this season! " Del Smith Mom to National American Miss Jr. Teen Brianna Smith "Floral dresess are definitely one of my favorites! A modest and stylish,  floral print dress that is perfect for any season. This dress give a gorgeous freshness and is a stand out! The style is perfect for today's girl, comfortable, fashionable, perfect fit and makes…