Monday, August 29, 2016

Tips for Personal Introduction!

It's that time of the year where the top competitors from across the nation are preparing for the largest event in pageantry... NAM Nationals! Here are some tips to help you perfect your introduction for the Personal Introduction Competition!

The NAM Personal Introduction Competition focuses on public speaking. The goal of this competition is to equip NAM Finalist with the skills needed to address the public. Whether it is conquering your school presentation or a future job presentation, this competition teaches girls how to command the audience from the mic! 


1.) Pay attention to the time limit! For NAM State Pageants you have 30 seconds and for NAM Nationals you have 60 seconds. You will be timed as soon as you start speaking. It is important that you do not go over you allowed time. Practice so you finish your intro a few seconds behind your allowed time. 

2.) Do not wait till pageant week to write your intro. You want to practice before hand. You want to feel comfortable when you are on stage. A great way to do this, is to be comfortable with what you are saying. So practice makes perfect!

3.) Practice speaking in front of an audience! When we get in front of people that is when our nerves can kick in. So practice in front of your family, friends and people you aren't so comfortable with. You can say your intro in front of your class room, church or group activities. This is a great way to help you address an audience. 

4.) Command the audience before you start speaking. You want to grab the judges attention the moment you walk out on stage. Walk out with a great smile, make eye contact and work the room. 

5.) Dress the part! Make sure you follow the NAM guidelines when picking out your outfit for personal introduction. You need to wear something that you would wear for a job interview. Remember you are applying for a state or national title, you need to look like a titleholder. A nice suit or interview dress would be great! 

6.) Speak loud and clear! You want to make sure that the judges and audience can hear you. So speak up! We tend to speed up when we get a little a nervous so make sure you do not speak too fast. 

7.) Get Creative! It is important to stand out during the introduction competition, so get creative when putting yours together. Think of fun and ear catching ways to make a statement. Remember this is a great time for the judges to get to know you. Think of unique phrases and quotes to add to your intro. 

8.) Don't forget the required elements! Remember you must say your name, hometown and/or something interesting about you. 

9.) Complete your intro! We have seen this time and time again, a girl walks out on stage and rocks her intro and then hands back the mic and than runs off the stage! We do not want to this! After you are done speaking hand the mic back to the queen and continue working the room. Remember to smile and make eye contact as you exist the stage. 

10.) BE YOU! You hear us say this all the time at NAM, but it is so important that you be you! You want to be authentic. There can never be a better you! So be proud of who you are and let that shine through! 

Tips from National All- American Miss Courtlyn Burris 

"For your personal introduction, it's best to start by thinking of a few things that are most important to you and then integrate them into the introduction along with the required elements.  Stay away from mimicking someone else and try not to use words that you wouldn't normally use. Basically, just be yourself! You want your introduction to be as natural and as conversational as possible. Try to show elements of your own personality as well, I always love adding a little humor to my intro to make the judges smile.  Finally, and most importantly, practice, practice, practice. Practice alone, practice with an audience and practice with distractions. That way you can speak with confidence and be assured of doing your best!" Courtlyn Burris National All-American Miss

Sample Personal Introduction and Interview Outfits! 

NAM Girl in The News!

When 6-Year old Bella Baker was crowned NAM Miss Washington Princess over 33 other competitors last 
weekend, she had a decision to make. Every competitor had to bring school supplies to enter the competition 
and the winner would get to donate them all to a charity of their choice, on behalf of National American Miss. 
Luckily for Bella, she knew just the one, Tacoma Mainstay Charlie’s Dinosaur.
Charlie’s Dinosaur is a non-profit organization established in 2012 after the tragic death of Charlie and 
Braden Powell at their father’s hand. started by five Pierce County Detectives 
(including Ed Troyer, Baker’s grandfather,) to gather materials to help children moving out of abuse and
 into foster care. The children rarely have clean clothes, toiletries or anything to pass the time in the few days 
when they are in meetings, hearings and temporary care. Charlie’s Dinosaur is dedicated to helping 
kids out during this transitional period by providing these much needed items that can provide a sense of 

Baker delivered the car-full of goods to the organization on Monday, Aug. 22, just in time for Charlie’s Dinosaur’s
 big donation drive. Donations are currently being accepted at any TAPCO Credit Union branch 
(full list at the end of this article) or the Tacoma Weekly offices here at 2588 Pacific Highway.
“The community recognizes there’s always a need, its totally community driven which is what’s beautiful about it.
 A lot of our support comes from former foster kids, which is something I don’t think a lot of people recognize, 
I think that speaks to the importance of Charlie’s Dinosaur,” Lynelle Anderson said.
This isn’t the only competition Bella has won. She was crowned the IJM Miss Washington Jr Princess l
ast March and competed in an international competition in Virginia. Over Thanksgiving, she will head to
 California to represent Washington in a National American Miss competition.

“When Bella was crowned NAM Washington Princess last Saturday she became a dual title holder for two 
prestigious and well known pageants nationally and internationally. She is so excited to continue her work on
 behalf of foster children in her community,” Bella’s mother Nichole Baker said.
Another boost came from the 49’s Faithful Football kickoff barbeque, in which fans had to submit a box of 
school supplies to enter. Die-hard Seahawks fan Troyer braved the environment to collect the massive 
amount of donations. And if he can do that, does anyone really have an excuse not to give to the cause?
The fall is always a busy time for Charlie’s Dinosaur, as back to school supplies are always in demand,
 backpacks and binders are the order of the day and Bella has given the organization a huge boost in their goals. 
Other items needed include rolling luggage, pajamas, hair dryers, jeans and tops, zip-front hoodies, coats, toiletries,
 combs, brushes, art supplies and books.

Every Girl Needs That Little Black Dress...

This year The 2016 NAM National Finalist will rock these beautiful Mon Cheri dresses for their Opening Number Dance! We are so excited to partner with Mon Cheri! 

All NAM National Finalist that are attending NAM Nationals 2016 need to submit their size by September 12, 2016! Please go to for details! 

Lets her what NAM Girls are saying about these fabulous dresses: 

"When I first saw the opening number dress for this year's Nationals, I immediately loved the classy vintage inspired floral look. I know for sure Queens will feel confident and beautiful in this chic and playful floral dress that is so hot this season! " Del Smith Mom to National American Miss Jr. Teen Brianna Smith
"Floral dresess are definitely one of my favorites! A modest and stylish,  floral print dress that is perfect for any season. This dress give a gorgeous freshness and is a stand out! The style is perfect for today's girl, comfortable, fashionable, perfect fit and makes you feel naturally beautiful!" Brianna Smith National American Miss Jr. Teen 

"National American Miss and Mon Cheri Little dresses are the perfect combination for these young ladies to shine under the lights of the National Stage! It's a Delicate and Classy silhouette for the unique girls who wants to be remember for their sophisticated look but still very age appropriate. We love this dress!" Alba Izcoa Mom to Miss New Jersey Jr. Pre-Teen Alexandra Cristofoli

"This Mon Cheri dress Rocks! It fits like a glove and I certainly didn't need my crown to feel like a Queen with this dress. It's every little girls dream to have the perfect little dress for opening night and NAM now provides it thru Mon Cheri designs. How lucky are all the contestants in Hollywood to be wearing the dream Mon Cheri dress! I love it!" Alexandra Cristofoli Miss New Jersey Jr. Pre-Teen