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The 2013 NAM State Pageant Tour!

National Photoshoot 2013!

Did you know if you WIN a NAM National Title, you get to take part in the NAM National Photoshoot? The National Photoshoot is a weekend long that takes place in Houston, Texas. All 12 National Queens are flown in for the chance of a lifetime! The weekend is not only filled with dozens of outfit changes and thousands of pictures, it is chance for the National Titleholder to reconnectr with all of their sister queens from across the country. Check out some of the pictures from this year's photoshoot! The True NAM Style! Jordan Flippo The 2012-2013 National American Miss PreTeen! The 2012-2013 National American Miss Titleholders The 2012-2013 National All-American Miss Titleholders! STRIKE A POSE! The 2012-2013 National American Miss Jr Pre Teen Selia Rendon! For More Pictures Check out The National American Miss Facebook Page! CLICK HERE!

The National All-American Miss Jr Teen is an Advocate for The American Lung Association

Today Savannah Giammarco will be interviewed by her local news station informing viewers on her support of the American Lung Association. Savannah will walk the 731 stairs of Citywalk to bring awareness of lung disease in which  so many Americans are effected by. This organization has a special place in Savannah's heart because her own Grandmother is a victim. Way to go Savannah for making a diffrence in the lives of others! CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL STORY!

Meet The 2012-2013 Natinal American Miss Junior Teen Haydon Metcalf

Tiffany:How did you get involved in National American Miss? Haydon: I began receiving mailings in about 4th grade. Within about 2 years I participated in my first NAM pageant! Tiffany: How did you prepare for the National Pageant? Haydon:  Practice, Practice, Practice!!! I recited my personal intro at every event I could! (football games, restaurants, etc) We did lots of mock interviews and I wore my heels around a lot!
Tiffany: What is the best advice you have ever received? Haydon: Just worry about you.
Tiffany:What quote, motto, or scripture best describes you? Haydon:  "Dynamite comes in small packages"

Tiffany:What are your plans for the future? Haydon:To attend college and pursue a degree in fashion design. Later in life I may want to be a US Senator!
Tiffany: What activities are you involved in? Haydon: Cheer, Basketball, Soccer, Key Club, Drama Club, Art Club, Student Counsil. Soccer is my FAVORITE sport!!
Tiffany: What do you like to do for fun? Haydon:  Hang out with…