Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Former NAM Winner Stars on The Voice!

Check out former National American Miss Teen, Olivia Henken as she stars on THE VOICE!
Make sure to tune in this Thursday to see if Olivia makes it to the Top 12! 

Former National American Miss Jr Teen Raven Delk was Selected as a Teen Advisor by The United Nations!

Raven Delk The 2011-2012 National American Miss Jr Teen Raven Delk has been selected as a Teen Advisor by the United Nations! She even spoke about her experience with National American Miss as part of her acceptance essay! 
Check it out:
"Anyway, a fun fact is that one of the essay questions on my application asked, "What is a special skill that sets you apart from other applicants?" I wrote about being a National American Miss titleholder and how communicating with my peers across the country, giving speeches in front of crowds, doing interviews, and being able to speak out on causes that are important to me has prepared me for the position. I guess they agreed!"
Check out the Raven's Bio from GirlUp.Org: 

Hello! My name is Raven Delk, and I am a senior from Gainesville, Florida. If you have never heard of Gainesville, it’s the home of the University of Florida Gators in North Central Florida, where it is humid and sunny and rains almost every day during the summer.
I am a singer, pianist, and self-proclaimed science nerd who believes that whoever said one side of the brain was stronger than the other was mistaken. I love to sing, dance, and take creative photography, but I also excel in (and enjoy) my AP Physics and AP Calculus classes.
I have served in my community through my church, and also with organizations such as Kids Against Hunger, the Ronald McDonald House, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, and the Children’s Miracle Network.  
I moved to Gainesville in the middle of my junior year, but I didn’t let being the new girl stop me from getting involved on my campus. I immediately became involved in Student Government and was elected Senior Class Vice President. I love serving Buchholz High School as a varsity cheerleader, as well. Nothing beats getting out on the field and cheering under those Friday Night Lights!
As you can see, I’ve never been afraid of adapting to a new situation or meeting new people, and perhaps this is due to my involvement in pageantry. When I lived in California, I won the title of Miss California Jr. Teen, and went on to compete against a girl from every state to win the National title of National American Miss Jr. Teen!
I was given the opportunity to travel over 20,000 miles in just a year to be a mentor for girls across the country. Through that experience, I learned that I have a passion for seeing girls reach their fullest potential. Pursuing this passion is what lead me to Girl Up, and I am so excited to serve as a Teen Advisor this year!

Raven Delk 2011-2012 National American Miss Jr. Teen!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Former National American Miss Teen is in Top 20 of The Voice!

Olivia Henken, former National American Miss Teen is in Top 20 of hit show THE VOICE! She will preform LIVE tonight on NBC.
 (Make sure to check or local listings for time!)
It is now time to VOTE and support this talented artist! We want to see Olivia bring it all the way home! You can vote up to 10 times from each computer and/or phone! Every time her song is downloaded from iTunes she also receives extra votes! So download away! 
We are so EXCITED for Olivia! 
Watch and



Monday, November 4, 2013

NAM Girls Sweep Miss USA!

NAM Queens with the new Miss Indiana USA!

This past weekend 2 former NAM girls won USA titles!

Zoe Parker was crowned Miss Indiana Teen USA. Zoe is a former Miss Indian Jr. Teen! Zoe was actually crowned by former Miss Indiana Jr Teen Darrian Rachel.  Darrian also crowned Zoe when she won her first title as Miss Indiana Jr Teen! We are so excited for Zoe and can not wait to see her rock the Teen USA stage!

Chelsea Reardon also won the title of Miss Mississippi USA! Chelsea placed first runner 
up in  the 2009 National American Miss Illinois Teen Pageant! 
Way to go Chelsea!
Several other NAM girls placed at The Mississippi 
Pageant; including Jayce Henry (Top 5) Former Miss Mississippi Jr Teen and Tasia 
Poyadou (Top 15) Former  National All- American Miss.