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Isbella Cowley The 2009 Maryland Jr Preteen shows us how NAM has given her great friendship!!

One of the great things about NAM is that it is a great place to meet your BEST FRIENDS!!! Check out this story about two Maryland title holders who now are great friends!!! Isabella Cowley the 2009 NAM Maryland Jr Preteen, keeps everyone in the know with her blog. Its awesome to see how friendship can be formed !!!

A Sneak Peak of Isabella's Blog:
This past Saturday, I invited Nya, the 2008 NAMISS MD Princess to spend the night with me! I crownd Nya when I gave up my 2007 MD Princess title and we have become very good friends since then! With NAMISS, you meet new friends that will be in your life forever!
My mom took us to The Painted Cone and we picked out some wonderful pottery pieces to paint! I get to pick them up on Thursday after they are fired and I can't wait to see our beautiful creations! Nya is giving her vase to her mom for her birthday. I am putting my vase in my room so I can put spring fresh flowers from our garden in it.
After we got back to my house, we had so…

Amber Aduja 2009-2010 National American Miss Jr Preteen attends Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Friends Awards !!!

Media Release


On January 24, 2010, the Hawai’i Friends of Civil Rights organization, spearheaded by Faye Kennedy and Amy Agbayani, Ph.D., Co-Chairs, held its 3rd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Friends Awards in honor of the following individuals and organizations for promoting civil rights, diversity and justice:

The two individual honorees are long-time civil rights advocates: Kim Coco Iwamoto, Esq., member of the Hawaii Board of Education representing the island of Oahu, and retired University of Hawaii professor Miles M. Jackson, Guest Editor of “They Followed the Trade Winds, African Americans in Hawai’i, Social Process in Hawai’i, Volume 43,” University of Hawaii Press 2004.

The two organizations honored were the Japanese American Citizens League of Hawai’i and UNITE HERE Local 5. The mission of the Japanese American Citizens League of Hawai’i is to protect the civil rights of J…

Circe Burnett, a NAM girl who is running to change the lives of children everywhere !!!

Circe Burnett is NAM girl from Florida, who is making a difference in the lives of our youth !!! Circe not only knows how to take a beautiful picture, I should mention that Circe took home the Most Photogenic award for the state of Florida, she also was a National delegate in the 2009 National All-American Miss Jr Teen Pageant in California. Circe has kicked off her pageant heels and put on her running shoes !! She will be running in a half Marathon next weekend in Miami as part of the ING Miami Marathon weekend-that's 13.1 miles! Last year she ran in this and was top 3 in her age group. She will be wearing orange shoe laces to show her support for an organization called "Run For Something Better" which is a program committed to combatting childhood obesity and changing children's lives through fitness. Congratulations to Circe for tackling such a difficult task for such a worthy cause!!! We are so Proud of Circe and all of her efforts to make a difference in the liv…

Hannah Riekhof The 2005 National American Miss Princess and The 2008 National American Miss Missouri Jr PreTeen has flipped her way into becoming an Excellent Student and Role Model !

Let’s get the low down on who is doing what now!!! Hannah Reikhof won the NAM Missouri Princess title in 2005 then charmed her way into the national judge’s hearts to capture the national title!!! Hannah also captured the title of NAM Missouri Jr Preteen in 2008. Now Hannah is a top student and is a role model for girls every where! She may lead an ordinary life of a tween, but she is doing extraordinary things!!! She is becoming a leader right in her hometown!!! Taking the right steps and getting involved in her school! Hannah is a member of the Student Council, The Academic Team and ACE club (Awesome Character Everywhere). Staying Active, Hannah is also a level 6 gymnast, where she is the youngest on her team!!! So NAM girls follow Hannah's lead and make a difference right where you are at! You are never too young to start!!! We know BIG things are in store for this young lady, I can't wait to see what she does next!!!

A STAR in the Gym !!!

Hannah with her big brothers !!!


Brielle Barbusca a former New Jersey NAM girl is doing BIG things in the Industry !!!

Brielle Barbusca a former New Jersey top five finisher is on her way to becoming a TV star !!! Brielle has a very impressive resume, she has played roles in the hit shows "Law and Order" and "Hope and Faith" !!! Perhaps her biggest role was playing Debra Messing's daughter on the USA  show "The Starter Wife" !!! So keep your eyes open for this charming and beautiful girl because you may see her starring in your favorite TV show !!!

Check out these AWESOME pictures of Brielle with Debra Messing on The Starter Wife !!!

Click to see Brielle's Resume !!!