Isbella Cowley The 2009 Maryland Jr Preteen shows us how NAM has given her great friendship!!

One of the great things about NAM is that it is a great place to meet your BEST FRIENDS!!! Check out this story about two Maryland title holders who now are great friends!!! Isabella Cowley the 2009 NAM Maryland Jr Preteen, keeps everyone in the know with her blog. Its awesome to see how friendship can be formed !!!

A Sneak Peak of Isabella's Blog:
This past Saturday, I invited Nya, the 2008 NAMISS MD Princess to spend the night with me! I crownd Nya when I gave up my 2007 MD Princess title and we have become very good friends since then! With NAMISS, you meet new friends that will be in your life forever!
My mom took us to The Painted Cone and we picked out some wonderful pottery pieces to paint! I get to pick them up on Thursday after they are fired and I can't wait to see our beautiful creations! Nya is giving her vase to her mom for her birthday. I am putting my vase in my room so I can put spring fresh flowers from our garden in it.
After we got back to my house, we had so much fun playing, eating pizza and making cupcakes!

The really fun part is getting to lick the bowl and the beater! Nya and I had to do rock, paper, scissors to see who got which! lol!
                           My daddy was first in line to try our amazing cupcakes!

                  Our cupcakes turned out delicious! Aren't they cute too?
After we made cupcakes, Nya and I produced and directed the Maryland State American Girl Doll Pageant! We had five contestants! My mom and dad judged our pageant where we had casualwear, talent and formalwear competition! We even had a production number for our dolls! We had so much fun!

It's time to crown the winner of the Maryland State American Girl Doll contest! Congratulations to Rebecca!

After our doll pageant, my mom took us for shopping at Claire's in the mall! We got several things, but our favorite is a bff necklace! You will meet many bff's in the NAMISS sytem!


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