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Jordan Somer, The 2010 NAM Nebraska Teen was featured on Nickelodeon!

NAM's Breanne Maple Wrote: Just got back home from the Nickelodeon Halo Awards Premiere party in NYC with the 2010 NAM Nebraska Teen, Jordan Somer, who is 1 of 4 teens being honored by Nickelodeon with the Halo Award, for her Helping And Leading Others (a.k.a - HALO). Jordan created the Miss Amazing pageant a few years ago for her National Community Involvement project when she was the NAM Nebraska Jr. Teen. Since then the Miss Amazing Pageant has given girls with mental and physical disabilities the confidence and life skills that National American Miss has given Jordan. Anyways, I wanted to quickly share with you a bit about the trip, information about tonight's episode, as well, as an interesting tidbid. First, I have to say what an honor it was to be a part of this experience with and for Jordan. Each of the 4 honorees brought guests to the premiere and to NYC that supported and helped them in their cause/work. It was very humbling to be amongst these heros and leaders and to…