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Top 10 Tips for a Successful Photoshoot!

Photos can be a big part of pageants and making sure you pick the right one can be a fun challenge! You will need a photo for the official program book and if you decide to enter the photogenic competition. So here are some helpful tips on achieving a successful photoshoot!

1.) Keep it simple! You don't want to over accessorize. The focus should be on YOU. Your face and eyes should shine!
2.) Pick an outfit that you are comfortable in. Solid colors work great. Textures and materials can add personality to your look as well. Stay away from crazy patterns that can come across too busy on camera. 
3.) Experiment with different angles! Don't be afraid to move in front of the camera. 
4.) Smile with your eyes! You should connect with the camera. Have excitement in your eyes!
5.) Make sure you get lots of rest the night before your photo shoot. You don't want dark circles around your eyes. 
6.) Drink lots of water so your skin is hydrated and fresh.
7.) Whe…