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National American Miss Casual Wear Modeling!

Check out this AWESOME video of Casual Wear Modeling. The Casual Wear Modeling competition allows you to walk the runway in the outfit of your choice. This is a high paced modeling competition that allows you to show your personality and sense of style. Pick an up beat outfit and strut the cat walk in style! It's not about all tall you are it is about your personality and energy on stage. 

Ten Need to Know Tips for The Personal Introduction Competition!

The goal of personal intro is to equip you with public speaking skills.  Figuring out just what to say can be fun and challenging.  So lets break it down!
What is Required ? 
For NAM you must say the following: 1.) Your name 2.) Your Hometown (where you currently reside) 3.) What you want to be when you grow you up and/or something interesting about yourself.  It is as easy 1, 2, 3!
Can you add more to your personal introduction? The is answer is ABSOLUTELY!
You want to the tell judges and audience about you and all of your exciting hobbies and ambitions! You can share what activities you are involved in, what organizations you volunteer with and if you have won any cool awards. This is your time to stand out and show everyone how confident you are. Now here is the biggest hint of all....
The judges are not so much concerned if you tell them you like soccer over basketball. They are looking at your communication skills. You want to spe…

5 Ways to Prepare for NAM Nationals!

It is getting to be that time of year again where the largest eventin Pageant History is about to take place! That's right, The 2013 National American Miss National Pageant is right around the corner. Girls from all across the country will travel to Hollywood, California to compete for 12 National Titles and hundreds of other awards! NAM Nationals is the chance of a lifetime! Not only are you taking part in one of the most prestigious pageants in the world, but you are making memories that will last forever! You will meet awesome girls from across the nation, travel to Disney, and tour Hollywood! You have excelled at your state pageant and you are either representing your state as a NAM state queen or have qualified to attend by placing in the optional competitions or winning an advertising title! So it's time to start gearing up and heading to Sunny Cali to compete for National Titles!
5 Tips to get started! 
GET INVOLVED IN YOUR COMMUNITY! A Required portion of your overall s…

How Do You Pick The Perfect Dress?

Picking the "perfect pageant' dress can at first seem a little bit overwhelming. But here's a hint IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE! You see their is a pageant saying " it's not a about the dress, it is about the girl in the dress." In our pageant prep training sessions I always tell the girls you want to pick a dress that makes YOU feel great, not the dress that is the most expensive or even the most popular. The dress should be something that shows your personality. It shouldn't overwhelm or over power you. The focus should always be on you. 
White doesn't always win! There is an old pageant rumor that winners wear white. In truth this isn't the case. You can win in any color dress! Again it isn't about the dress but about the girl! Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear white, it simply means you should pick the color that fits you best. Pick something that works with your skin tone and won't wash you out on stage.