Friday, August 30, 2013

National American Miss Casual Wear Modeling!

Check out this AWESOME video of Casual Wear Modeling. The Casual Wear Modeling competition allows you to walk the runway in the outfit of your choice. This is a high paced modeling competition that allows you to show your personality and sense of style. Pick an up beat outfit and strut the cat walk in style! It's not about all tall you are it is about your personality and energy on stage. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ten Need to Know Tips for The Personal Introduction Competition!

The goal of personal intro is to equip you with public speaking skills. 
Figuring out just what to say can be fun and challenging. 
So lets break it down!

What is Required ? 
For NAM you must say the following:
1.) Your name
2.) Your Hometown (where you currently reside)
3.) What you want to be when you grow you up and/or something interesting about yourself.
 It is as easy 1, 2, 3!

Can you add more to your personal introduction? The is answer is ABSOLUTELY!

You want to the tell judges and audience about you and all of your exciting hobbies and ambitions!
You can share what activities you are involved in, what organizations you volunteer with and if you have won any cool awards. This is your time to stand out and show everyone how confident you are. Now here is the biggest hint of all....


The judges are not so much concerned if you tell them you like soccer over basketball. They are looking at your communication skills. You want to speak with confidence. Be proud of who you are.

A great way to get started is to grab a piece of paper a write down what you want to say and how you want to say it. Then you want to practice your personal intro and say it to groups of people. You can say it at your family get together, in front of your dance team or to some of your teachers. You want to be familiar with speaking in front of people. 

State: 30 seconds
Nationals: 1 minute 
Make sure to time yourself you don't want to go over your allowed limit.

Top Tips:
1.) Practice. Start early and know what you want to say.
2.) Let your personality shine through. 
3.) Make eye contact with the judges and the audience.
4.) Pick an interview outfit that you love
5.) Smile before, after, and during your personal intro.
6.) Stand up nice and tall with your feet in model stance.
7.) Think of creative ways to say your intro. Make it original, exciting and personal.
8.) Be natural, confident and relaxed.
9.) Don't go over your time limit.
10.) Don't chew gum, candy or mints while on stage.

Sample Personal Introductions:

National Time Limit:

State Time Limit:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5 Ways to Prepare for NAM Nationals!

It is getting to be that time of year again where the largest event in Pageant History is about to take place! That's right, The 2013 National American Miss National Pageant is right around the corner. Girls from all across the country will travel to Hollywood, California to compete for 12 National Titles and hundreds of other awards! NAM Nationals is the chance of a lifetime! Not only are you taking part in one of the most prestigious pageants in the world, but you are making memories that will last forever! You will meet awesome girls from across the nation, travel to Disney, and tour Hollywood!
You have excelled at your state pageant and you are either representing your state as a NAM state queen or have qualified to attend by placing in the optional competitions or winning an advertising title! So it's time to start gearing up and heading to Sunny Cali to compete for National Titles!

5 Tips to get started! 


A Required portion of your overall score comes from community involvement. So pick a cause that you are passionate about and start volunteering! Not only will it help you with your overall score but you will gain so much more experience. Whenever you volunteer you are also working on those all important communication skills. You are meeting and working with leaders in your community, which will help you in the interview and personal introduction competitions. Fun Fact: Your volunteer experience is a great topic to discuss in your interview. It shows the judges that you are active and are making a difference. This is a huge part of what being a titleholder is all about! That is why your reign is often referred to as your year of service

Volunteer Service is a great asset to add to your future job resume or college application! 

Optional competitions are a great way to make the most of your pageant weekend. They give you more experience and more time on stage. You don't want to wait till the week of Nationals to decide what competitions you want to participate in. You want to start practicing NOW! Start shopping or looking through your closest for Casual Wear Modeling, Write your Spokesmodel Speech, and make sure your Talent Music is cut down for the two minute time limit. Fun Fact: The Top 5 in each optional competition re-compete during the Red Carpet Award Ceremony! This is a fabulous Hollywood inspired event where you get to walk the red carpet and compete for hundreds of awards!

A great way to breeze through pageant check in is to have all your paper work filled out before you arrive. Have each optional card filled and cut out so all you have to do is hand them out at the appropriate table. Fun Fact: The Judges will read your resume, so this should be typed. You want to make a great impression. Your resume should look and feel like an actual job resume. You can include lots of fun information on your resume. Let the judges know what you are involved in and how you spend your time. 


You know the saying practice makes perfect! You want to be comfortable with what you are saying on stage. The goal of the Personal Introduction competition is to equip you with public speaking skills. So start working on it now. Write it out, think about what you want the judges to know about you. It is a moment in time where you have the opportunity to paint a picture of who you are to the judges! For the National Pageant there is a 1 minute time limit, so make sure you are not going over your time. 
Fun Fact: It is not what you say but how you say it! Speak with confidence! Be proud of who you are!
Think of fun and creative ways to say what you are involved in and what your goals are in life. Practice saying your Personal Intro to more people than just your parents; say it to your youth group, girl scout troop or cheer squad. You want to be natural and relaxed on stage. Don't come off too rehearsed or "pageant patty" JUST DO YOU!

As soon as your receive your guide book look at your week of events that will take place at the National Pageant. Write out what  you will need, go over your wardrobe for each day and look at what you need to wear for each event. At the National Pageant we have themed rehearsals so make sure you prepare for that. You can never be too organized. Make sure you turn all of your paperwork and pictures in to the national office before their deadlines. Read over all of the paper work that you receive in the mail- you can even book your hotel room now! Fun Fact: We know that most pageant girls don't travel light so did you know that you can ship some of your items directly to the hotel so you don't have to fly with them? This may even be cheaper than those baggage fees! Make sure your dress is altered and ready to go. and don't forget you accessories and shoes!

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

How Do You Pick The Perfect Dress?

Picking the "perfect pageant' dress can at first seem a little bit overwhelming. But here's a hint
 IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE! You see their is a pageant saying " it's not a about the dress, it is about the girl in the dress." In our pageant prep training sessions I always tell the girls you want to pick a dress that makes YOU feel great, not the dress that is the most expensive or even the most popular. The dress should be something that shows your personality. It shouldn't overwhelm or over power you. The focus should always be on you. 

White doesn't always win! There is an old pageant rumor that winners wear white. In truth this isn't the case. You can win in any color dress! Again it isn't about the dress but about the girl! Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't wear white, it simply means you should pick the color that fits you best. Pick something that works with your skin tone and won't wash you out on stage. 

FOLLOW THE RULES! Makes sure you read over all of the rules in your magazines. For NAM we explain all of the dress rules and regulations in your Magazine Number 1. Read through it and look at all of the pictures for your age group. 

 MAKE SURE IT IS AGE APPROPRIATE! You want to look your age. If you are 15 look 15 don't try to dress out of your age group. Embrace who you are. Pick a style that is right for your age group. 

SOMETIMES LESS IS MORE! You don't have to dress in every fancy accessory you have. If your dress has a lot of rhinestones keep your jewelry simple. If you are going to wear big earrings, maybe skip the necklace. If you are going to wear a necklace maybe wear smaller earrings. Again you want the focus to always be on you. And your jewelry should always be age appropriate. 

SHOES SHOULD COMPLIMENT YOUR DRESS! Remember your feet are eye level with the judges so make sure your shoes compliment the dress you are wearing. Make sure you are comfortable in the shoes you are wearing. Lots of times teens try to walk out in 5 1/2 inch heels and this is just necessary. You might walk more elegant in a smaller heel. Again girls should wear shoes that are age appropriate. For Princess and Jr PreTeens flats are recommended. 

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For more examples look at the National American Miss FACEBOOK page!

Monday, August 26, 2013

This is what National American Miss is All About!

Watch this inspirational video of what National American Miss is all about! The 2012-2013 reigning National American Miss Queen Hoang- Kim Cung shares her story of how hard work and dedication allowed her to achieve her dreams!