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Featuring Miss New York Princess!

Dear Contestants, 
         I would like to start by saying welcome and congratulations!!! I hope you are just as excited as I was when I was getting ready to compete. I hope you put forth a lot of effort into preparing for a whole bunch of fun. I’m sure your just as nervous and excited at the same time as I was a year ago. If you are, DON’T be. Once you see how friendly and helpful others are you will shake that off and feel like you’ve been with NAM forever. I wasn’t sure of what to expect or do. But, what I learned from NAM was how to maintain confidence, no matter what. Confidence is key to your journey with National American Miss, and any journey you will take from here on out.        I was so honored and proud to represent my state as the reigning Miss New York Princess 2016-2017. I will never forget this experience and neither will you. I was able to encourage other to face the most challenging fears by representing who you are and where you come from. I would like to thank Mr…

Get to know Miss New Jersey Princess!

Life has been pretty busy since being crowned your National American Miss New Jersey Princess.  This year has been filled with community service, awesome appearances, meeting new people and making new friends.
Nationals was amazing. While I did not take home the crown, I came away with one of the famous Spirit Sticks, memories to last a life time, and friends that span that the country.  I even traveled to Iowa to help one of my Sister Queens turn over her crown.
Volunteering has helped me understand that no one is too young or small to make a difference.  I have worked to promote awareness for pediatric cancer, and cancer research.  I helped build literacy awareness by reading to local preschoolers and collecting book donations for a local homeless shelter.  I was fortunate enough to participate in the Jump Rope for the Heart event with my school friends, and I loved volunteering with Special Olympics as well as at the Ronald McDonald House with my Sister Queens.Community service was a…

In the spotlight is Miss New Jersey Pre-Teen!

On August 13th of 2016, I walked into the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Brunswick, NJ not knowing what was about to unfold. I was nervous but I took the stage with as much confidence as I could. I didn’t know that on August 14th, I would be crowned Miss New Jersey Pre-Teen; definitely the best day ever... and the whirlwind ride began. During my year I had the opportunity to use my title as a platform for my volunteer work. I was blessed to be able to draw more attention to the needs of the hungry through my charity Tattoos for Food and my work with the Our Lady of Sorrows’ food pantry. I worked with homeless children through the Interfaith Hospitality Network; I was the official starter for the National Cervical Cancer Coalition’s annual charity race; I partnered with One Warm Coat and my local Ford dealership to collect and distribute coats to the needy; and I was the keynote speaker for a fundraiser to benefit the Neo-natal Intensive Care Unit of St. Barnabas Medical Center. Then it…

Featuring Miss New Jersey Jr. Teen Cover Girl!