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NAM Girl in The News!

The spotlight does not faze Grace Rodi. In fact, she embraces it. The thrill of being on stage to play the piano, speak or just act as an outrageous character has long excited the Darien native. Being on stage was quite natural for Grace, who enjoys and excels at playing piano and loves being on stage in plays with the Crystal Theatre in Norwalk. “Everyone tells me I’m pretty funny. It’s nice to bring it on stage and put it in action,” she said. “I love being on stage, hearing the applause and being up there.” Her latest walk on stage came with some nice accessories: a tiara and a sash. Grace accomplished a major goal in her life two weeks ago when she was crowned Miss Connecticut Junior Teen by National American Miss. Naturally, the 14-year-old Darien native was pleased with the win, but it took a bit for the news to sink in once she was crowned. “It was really, really cool,” Grace said. “I remember standing there. It was sort of a moment of shock. It was pretty crazy up there. I th…