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What does National American Miss mean to YOU ???

National American Miss can be so many different things to NAM girls ! One of the best parts of my job is, that I get to hear different testimonies from girls all around the country !!! For many NAM is a way to meet new friends or maybe it's way for girls to build self confidence. For some NAM is a summer camp or a family getaway. For alot of girls NAM is way to prepare them for the future whether they want to be the next Disney star or maybe a Top Model or even one day run for political office. Whatever you want to be when you grow up NAM can help you achieve those goals. I love to see girls grow from year to year. I really consider it in honor to work with so many AMAZING young women across the USA! I can honestly tell you that my experience with NAM totally changed my life and it is really cool to see that change in so many girls ! NAM allows you to create family memories and challenges girls to be all that they can be !!! So I asked my facebook friends exactly what NAM means to…

Megan Tandy The National American Miss California Teen 2004 is lighting up the Small Screen !!!

Megan Tandy the 2004 NAM California Teen is making her dreams come true as she works her way to becoming a top actress !!! Megan is an amazing young women that went on to win the title of Miss California USA 2007 and even placed in the top 5 at Miss USA !!! Now she is building her resume! She has been on 90210 and CSI !!! Keep your eyes opened for Megan as she maybe playing your favorite character!!!
Click to watch an interview with Megan to see what she is up to !!!

The NAM National Pageant + Band Hero = TOTAL BLAST !!!

Check out this SUPER FUN picture of the first ever "NAM BAND" at nationals !!! This past November at the national pageant in LA, the girls got to let their hair down and kick off their shoes and jam out just like TAYLOR SWIFT !!! It was AWESOME seeing the girls get on stage and put on a show!! To top it off we shot 3 music videos !! Check em out !!

Click to watch the Preteen Music Video !!!

Click to watch the Jr Teen Music Video !!!

Click to watch the Teen Music Video !!!

For FUN NAMVideos Check out ourYOUTUBEChannel atMy NAMiss

Keep your ears opened for former National American Miss New York Jr Preteen DYLAN COLLINS !!!

Dylan Collins the 2005 National American Miss New York Jr Preteen has BIG voice and even BIGGER dreams !! Dylan placed top 10 to national title back in 2005 and now is rubbing elbows with some of Hollywood's biggest celebs !!! Keep your ears opened for her beautiful voice ! Dylan has even perfomed for President Barack Obama!!! She was feautured at the Democratic National Convention in 2008 !! We know big things are in store for this talented young lady !!!                                 Dylan with Gladys Knight !!!      Dylan with Alicia Keys !!! Dylan showing off her beautiful voice !!! Dylan with Chris Tucker!!! Click to watch Dylan Perform !!!

Lights , Camera, Action !!! National Winners Travel to Houston Texas for the National Photoshoot !!!

Get the behind the scenes look at the photo's from the national PhotoShoot !!!!
This weekend, all of the National titleholders traveled across country for the National Photoshoot !!! The shoot was a BLAST !!! All of the Queens got the royal treatment complete with hair and make -up !!! The girls had great time getting to know each other and taking thousands of pictures!!! I'm so proud of these girls, we have a great group of national titleholders !!! Be on the look out for some of these AWESOME pictures in all of your NAM packets !!!

Sarah Summers The NAM Jr Teen works it for the Camera !!! Taylor the 2009-2010 National American Miss Teen Shot of all the Jr Teen , Teen, and Miss titleholders !!! Courtney and Amber !!! All of the NATIONAL QUEENS !!!