What does National American Miss mean to YOU ???

National American Miss can be so many different things to NAM girls ! One of the best parts of my job is, that I get to hear different testimonies from girls all around the country !!! For many NAM is a way to meet new friends or maybe it's way for girls to build self confidence. For some NAM is a summer camp or a family getaway. For alot of girls NAM is way to prepare them for the future whether they want to be the next Disney star or maybe a Top Model or even one day run for political office. Whatever you want to be when you grow up NAM can help you achieve those goals. I love to see girls grow from year to year. I really consider it in honor to work with so many AMAZING young women across the USA! I can honestly tell you that my experience with NAM totally changed my life and it is really cool to see that change in so many girls ! NAM allows you to create family memories and challenges girls to be all that they can be !!! So I asked my facebook friends exactly what NAM means to them and here is what they had to say...

 Here is the Question I asked on my Facebook Page:
Tiffany Saylor :Hey NAM girls and parents ... I have a question for you all. What does NAM mean to you ? and What is your favorite part about National American Miss ?

This is what NAM girls and Parents had to say :
Jen Swank Moser: NAM has very special deep meaning to us because it was the first thing my daughter, Lily was able to do activity wise after a year of NO activities....when she was diagnosed with a neurological disorder at age 5. We decided at the last minute to do it and she just beamed on stage. It was a HUGE boost to her self esteem. After a year filled with MRIs, EEGs, blood draws, hospital stays....it was amazing to have her so happy and excited about something. She also met her very best friend, Madeline, from doing the pageant and their family have since become like extended family to us.
My favorite part is introduction. When the girls get to really state who they are and what makes them them.
Although a close second is evening wear, after last year when my husband had just deployed to Iraq 2 weeks before and we had to find a close family friend to escort our girls, I know this year it is going to be a very sweet, sentimental, emotional moment to have him on stage in his uniform escorting our daughters.
Wow, that was a book! How about that Tiffany? LOL
Rosalind Marie Alifonso: Nam to me is an opportunity to come out of your shell. An opportunity to gain essential skills for career placement later on in life :) my absolute most favorite part about nam is the production number rehersal. all of us girls have soo much fun, and when we are learning the opening number we are all comfortable To make a mistake because it gives us all the opportunity to laugh and have fun with each contestant. Which is one of the best ways to build memories.

Charika Jordan:NAM means to me that us girls can be ourselves at pageants and not be something  that were not and we dont have to act fake we can act like our normal selves. My favorite part about NAM is when i show up and i see everyone i know and get to meet up with everyone. I also like the final because we get to show off the cool things we lean that weekend.(:

Ace Orb: for me it means not any other occasions where i can met girls the same age as i am to befriend w/ them and get to know each other. it was such a pleasure to join NAM and sharing experiences w/ other girls. As for me the best part was practicing our choreography for the final, at that time we get to have a good time dancing and talking a lot of stuff about ourselves on break time.
Alla Jawarish: the best part of NAM is allowing girls to gain valuable experiences that will help them be successful in life, come out of their shells and do things that they wouldn't necessarily do, and of course all the friendships that the girls and us moms build. looking forward to another great year with NAM and to seeing old friends and meeting new ones:)

Amy Childs: Mikayla says!! It's Fun!!and She Loves all the new and old Friends she gets to see and meet!! She has learned so many valuable tools that she needs and will need in the future.. Interview, Spokesmodel, Talent, and so much more!! She says she is already preparing for South Texas 2010 and can't wait to see you!!


  1. oh girls! :) this is so inspirering to me cause i registered in nam for oklahoma for 2010 this year so thank u all for the help and information i needed it deeply ^_^


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