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Meet The 2012-2013 National All- American Princess Brooke Heath

Brooke Rose Heath is the 2012-2013 National All-American Miss Princess.She is a 7 year old girl from Katy, Texas who loves spending time with her Mom, Dad and sister Stephanie.She also has fun playing with her two puppies – Hugs and Kisses.Brooke isin the 2nd grade. She currently serves as her class Student Council Representative, but it is her ultimate goal to continue her political career and become the First Female President of the United States of America.When Brooke is not in school, she enjoys playing soccer, taking dance lessons (ballet, tap and Jazz), modeling, acting and playing the piano.She is a member of St. Bart’s Catholic Church.Brooke volunteers her time with Lunches of Love and Katy Christian Ministries and loves to bring smiles to the faces of children like her.Brooke is so excited about her new title as National All-American Miss Princess and cannot wait to experience the year ahead.
Tiffany:How did you get involved in National American Miss?
Brooke: I received a post…