Monday, July 20, 2015

Featuring Miss Florida Teen!

In 2007, I stepped on the National American Miss stage as a frail 11 year old unaware of the life-changing journey I will soon embark on. Eight years later with two state titles, I cannot be more thankful for the opportunities and doors opened by National American Miss. I cannot believe that the time has come to pass on the title of Miss Florida Teen.

It has been a whirlwind of a year to say the least! During my reign I volunteered at hospitals and nursing homes, made special appearances in other pageants, traveled around the state as an emcee for numerous festivals, organizations, and events.

The highlight of my year was traveling to Hollywood, California to represent Florida. I was in cloud 9 to be reunited with old friends and meet new friends from across the country! Nationals was more than I could ever dream off - from the Hollywood tour, Disneyland and themed rehearsals. I was so honored and blessed to bring home Best Resume, 3rd runner up Thank you Note, 1st runner up to the National Photogenic title, and won TWO National titles: National Most Promising Model and National Casual Wear Model! Furthermore, I was blessed to have placed 3rd runner up in the entire nation to the National Queen’s title!!!

I am so thankful for all those who have been part of this beautiful journey, I would not be here without your unconditional love and support. National American Miss has become a huge part of my life for eight years and I am incredibly grateful for the friends, memories, and life skills that I have gained from this wonderful organization.

To all the girls competing and dreaming to hold this prestigious title, keep reaching for the stars and make it a goal to grow and improve as a person during pageant weekend. And to my successor, live your dream and walk into your new reality! Congratulations and good luck at nationals!

Crowns and kisses,

Michaela Abelgas

It's a Top 5 Finish for Miss Pennsylvania Jr. Pre-Teen!

Dear 2015 Pennsylvania Jr Pre Teen State Finalist-
                  I am so excited that you all are coming to this year’s pageant. It is going to be full of excitement and I can’t wait to have so much fun with you. Make sure you remember to bring your camera so we can take lots of pictures together. Also don’t forget your dancing shoes for the 80’s Party!
                  I’ve been so busy this year, 1st I went to the National Pageant in California! My family and I enjoyed every moment of that trip! I’ve been visiting as royalty at many local events, pageants, and parades. I’ve done community service projects though our local chapter of Crowns for Cause. We participated in French creek clean up day, MS Bike tour, Charity walks, and Children’s Fairs. I really enjoyed working with the public. Being a state Queen means much more than wearing a sash and crown, it means giving back to your community and sharing kindness with all that surround you.
                  This August is when it all will begin for you girls! I want you all to bring your great personalities and smiles! I will be there rooting for you all and I can’t wait to meet you. My two favorite sayings are “With Hard Work and Determination Your Dreams Do Come True!” and “Remember to Always Keep Smiling!!!”

Kylie Paige Beck

2014 Miss Pennsylvania Jr Pre Teen Division 2

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Interview with Miss Nebraska USA Hoang-Kim Cung!

NAM:How did competing in National American Miss prepare you for Miss Nebraska USA, and now Miss USA? 
Hoang-Kim:I believe pageants are a great place for young women to gain valuable life skills, including being an eloquent public speaker, expressing your opinions when chatting with others and learning how to carry yourself well. National American Miss definitely created a solid foundation for me when I decided I wanted to compete in the Miss USA system.

NAM:What advice would you give a girl contemplating participating in NAM for the first time?

Hoang-Kim: JUST DO IT! Fortune favors the bold and you never know what you could stand to gain from competing in NAM. Ten  years ago, my Mom encouraged me to compete because she wanted me to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. Little did my family know how much that decision would change my life and transform me into a bold, confident young woman with plenty of ambitions.  

NAM: How do you see your life 10 years from now?
Hoang-Kim: I will be even closer to achieving my dream of being a morning anchor for a national news network. I’m already taking those steps now as a reporter and fill-in anchor for NBC Nebraska. I’m very passionate about my fashion and lifestyle and would love to see it prosper and help other young women when making choices when it comes to fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

NAM:What was your favorite part about representing NAM? 
Hoang-Kim: Being the National American Miss in 2012 and 2013 gave me incredible memories to cherish. If I had to pick a favorite part it would have to be the girls, whether that meant becoming true sisters with my sister queens or seeing a girl’s face light up after they got to chat with me or take a quick photo. Being able to serve as a role model, who showed hard work and a little bit of grit will take you far, was priceless..

NAM:What are you most excited about when you think about representing Nebraska at Miss USA? 
Hoang-Kim: Last year I remember sitting on my couch watching Miss USA, never thinking just one year later, I’d be packing and going myself! Miss USA is the epitome of pageants so just being able to have the opportunity to step on that stage and having Nebraska on my chest is just incredible. I think it will really hit me in introductions when I’ll say into a microphone to the world, “Hoang-Kim Cung, Nebraska!”

NAM:What is your ultimate goal as a titleholder? What do you hope to accomplish?
Hoang-Kim: I’ve always aspired to inspire others whether it’s through my actions or words and I truly believe Miss USA can do it all. I worked crazy-long hours as a reporter, I still kept up with my fashion and lifestyle blog, reading all the books I could, while finding time to call my parents almost every night. Throughout my reign, if I can empower others to see their value and strengths and not sacrifice any of their passions, I would feel more than accomplished.

NAM: For someone who is just starting out in pageants, How do you recommend they practice public speaking skills?
Hoang-Kim: It starts with the individual and their comfort level! I practied in front of my bedroom mirror for quite a while, then I advanced to my family, then friends and soon enough, there I was ontage saying my personal introduction. You just have to be willing to take risks and get out of your comfort zone.

NAM: What have you learned from competing in pageants? 
Hoang-Kim: I started pageants so I could overcome my shyness and become a better public speaker, but when I reflect on my journey, I have gained so much more. Through pageants I have connected with some of the most incredible young women who upon meeting and chatting, I feel like I’ve known since birth. I’ve realized raw talent doesn’t get you far, it’s hard work and grit. Pageants have really helped transform me into the bold and perservant woman I am today.

NAM:We love reading your fashion blog ,, Where do you get your style inspiration from? 
Hoang-Kim:My style is classic and feminine, so I am easily inspired, whether it’s from all the flowers at the farmer’s market, a pillow with interesting color combinations at a home d├ęcor store, or even just walking around the street. Of course, I do love checking out other blogs to get ideas too, but I always make them my own with some tweaks.

NAM: How do you pick out the perfect pageant dress for you? 
Hoang-Kim: I like to start with a silhouette flattering to my body and from there I go by feeling. There have been a lot of times I’ve walked into a store with an idea of what I’d like and fall in love with something else. You have to trust your gut and choose the dress making you feel like a winner! Don’t get too preoccupied with styles and trends or if someone else might have it. Just do you!

NAM: A big part of being a titleholder is volunteering and getting involved in your community. What are some ways girls can start volunteering in their home towns? 
Hoang-Kim: Service is a big part of my reign and I do a lot of volunteering. There are so many different organizations out there, so girls should first decide what they’re passionate about. Do they love food, animals, or public speaking? Food banks, animal shelters or speaking to younger peers are great places to start for those. If a girl or her family has been affected by an illness or a disease seek out those organizations. I truly believe there are many different organizations who need our help and there’s a right fit for each person!

NAM:What do you want your legacy to be? How do you want to be remembered as a titleholder?

Hoang-Kim:There are countless qualities that make a great titleholder including being kind, being outgoing, having a great attitude and so much more. For me, I want to be able to impact other people’s lives positively by empowering them. Every person has strengths and a skill set unique to them. If I can encourage others to know their value and how that can increae their confidence and down the line change their life, that would be the legacy I’d want to leave.

A few words from your 2014 Miss Pennsylvania Jr. Teen Rachel Bish

When I received my first NAM letter, I knew nothing about pageantry. I thought this would give me an excuse to wear a pretty dress, have fun and make new friends.
Little did I know that years later I would capture the title of 2014 NAM PA Jr. Teen.

The moment after I was crowned, my life changed. I have had the opportunity to volunteer for the Multiple Sclerosis Bike-a-Thon in honor of my mother, volunteer for a 5K race and help receive a $60,000 grant for the Community Food Warehouse, donate books and toys to deserving children, smile and wave to crowds in several parades and speak to young children about the effects of bullying. 
Without perseverance and determination, I would not have had so many opportunities in making a difference throughout my community and meeting so many wonderful people along my travels.
Competing in the National pageant in Anaheim, California and being in the Top 5 for Spokesmodel has been one of the highlights of my year. But nothing compares to the bond I have created with my sister queens. 
Thank you to my wonderful state directors, Sandy and Nicole for this amazing opportunity to be party of NAMily. I truly am blessed and will continue to volunteer throughout my community beyond the remainder of my year of service.

"If you can believe in can achieve it."

Love always, your 2014 NAM Pa Jr. Teen, Rachel Bish

Check out Miss Washington Princess!

Wow! What a year this has been. I tried my first pageant ever and was so excited that I actually was crowned Miss Washington!!!  Having this title has opened a lot of doors for me and I feel so grateful to NAM for giving me this opportunity!

My shock didn’t stop in Washington though.  At Nationals in California I was having the time of my life just being there but was further blessed beyond my wildest dreams to be crowned the National American Miss Princess.  I still can’t believe this dream that I live in as your National Princess.

I have had an amazing year of service making 78 “Wish Packs” for the Make-A-Wish Foundation, participating in many walks to benefit babies, epilepsy, and starving children, to name a few.  Picking out and buying Christmas presents, for a homeless shelter, was one of my favorite projects because of seeing the joy of the children when they opened their gifts. I even gave a 45 min. presentation on making a difference in the world at an elementary school assembly.

I had the BEST time with my amazing sister queens! Thank you for shining the way for me!  To all state finalist, always keep a smile on your face and remember that every girl is a princess…you just have to believe it!  To my successor, I wish you the best year ever and don’t forget to enjoy every second! 

For the last time, I am your 2014-2015 Miss Washington Princess Hailey Stroh.