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Meet The 2014-2015 National All-American Miss Jr. Teen Madeline Monlux!

NAM: What are your plans for the future? Madeline: My plans for the future are to graduate from UC Davis (a top school for primatology) and pursue a career as a Primatologist- studying and working with wild mountain gorillas in Africa. I want to continue the work of my hero, Dian Fossey who saved mountain gorillas from extinction.
NAM: How would your friends describe you? Madeline: Very positive and determined! I love to joke around with my friends and always make sure everyone stays positive.I also make sure if I start a project, I will always finish it.
NAM: What motto or quote best describes you? Madeline:“It’s Possible.”I love this motto because I’ve always been taught to try my hardest at whatever I am doing and to never give up because it’s possible.
Rehearsals for nationals! 
NAM: What is the best advice you have ever received? Madeline: To follow my dreams and never give up!
NAM: How did you prepare for the NAM National pageant? Madeline: I decided after the state competition to invest …