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What does National American Miss mean to you ?

Get the inside scoop from NAM girls and find out just what NAM means to them !!!

Juliana WynkoopCalifornia- "National American Miss is one of those events I look forward to the the day after state pageant is over. Having participated with NAM since 2005 in Northern California I have not only made lifetime friends, but have embarked on a continuous journey to follow my dreams. Before National American Miss I was not exposed to the world of volunteerism and most certainly didn't know what it meant to be a leader. I will never forget my first pageant: I was in the preteen division and had no idea what to expect. I was shy, afraid of public speaking, and did NOT feel comfortable on stage! I find it funny how I've flourished from that...into a confident leader involved in her community! I truly owe it all to NAM! They have motivated me to ALWAYS try my hardest in school, volunteer, be myself, and set goals! I no longer have a fear of public speaking...I even won the Spokes…