What does National American Miss mean to you ?

     Get the inside scoop from NAM girls and find out just what NAM means to them !!!

Juliana Wynkoop California - "National American Miss is one of those events I look forward to the the day after state pageant is over. Having participated with NAM since 2005 in Northern California I have not only made lifetime friends, but have embarked on a continuous journey to follow my dreams. Before National American Miss I was not exposed to the world of volunteerism and most certainly didn't know what it meant to be a leader. I will never forget my first pageant: I was in the preteen division and had no idea what to expect. I was shy, afraid of public speaking, and did NOT feel comfortable on stage! I find it funny how I've flourished from that...into a confident leader involved in her community! I truly owe it all to NAM! They have motivated me to ALWAYS try my hardest in school, volunteer, be myself, and set goals! I no longer have a fear of public speaking...I even won the Spokesmodel title in 2009 at my state! National American Miss has given me the confidence to spread their message to girls around the nation. Thank you so much NAM for all you have done for me...you certainly have impacted my life for the better!"

Elizabeth Terrazas Texas - "NAM means a time to spend with your family and friends as you find sponsors or do fundraisers together. A time you get to have fun trying to prepare for all the different categories. While participating in NAM I learned that confidence is the key to success because every girl had her own confidence which made them shine in their own way. "

Kayla DaCruz  New Jersey-NAM means a chance to show others what I can do and the power that I hold as a confident young girl! NAM gives me a chance to be more out going and has given me more confidence. NAM has also taught me to DREAM and my DREAM is to be crowned. This will be my 3rd year competing and I have not given up on my DREAM to win the crown! I will make my DREAM come true by being the best that I can be, always! I have learned to never give up on a dream! NAM has tought me to be the best that I can be and to present myself with confidence always! Thanks NAM!

Shellye Echeverria -"NAM, it's about developing relationships, and having the best time of your life! I learned that I am capable of doing anything Iput my mind and heart into doing. If I have a dream, I should follow it, because I can do what ever I want because I am a girl with power, motivation, and poise. "

Tasia Davis Ohio - "National American Miss taught me how to be confident in myself and taught me how to make new friends. I can do whatever I want to if I just put my mind to it because of that pageant I can actually believe in myself and can put my mind to it and I'm going to do the pageant next year , because I liked this year. It may have been my 1st year but I loved it and it was so awesome! It helpd me with my own furture goals that want do when I get older and I'm going to keep doing pagents because I loved it ! Thank you very much for everything! "

Sidney Robertson Texas - "NAM means so much to me because, at first I was scared about being the first pageant and I didn't know what was going to happen. As I started to grow, I learned new things like not being nervous, to be yourself, and speaking skills. The next year, I wasn't shy anymore. I was brave enough to stand at the podium and speak about my dreams and what I believe in, then sitting in a interview answering questions from people I never met and the judges loved it, now that was amazing. As my life goes on and continues to change I finally know what NAM has done for me.......NAM has taught me how to be a lady and how to be a good volunteer with children and the elderly. That is something I do like to do as a young girl. It is important to me helping others in need. That is why one of my biggest dreams in life is to help our nation by protecting it by being apart of the FBI and making America a safe place to live. Thanks NAM for helping me continue to grow up and become the best at everything I want to be.

Sammi Mazza  New Jersey - "I first competed in NAM when i was 10 or 11... I  remember being a jr.preteen so nervous about what others thought of me. I wasn't very outgoing or confident in myself. As time went on that all changed. I am now your 2009 2010 National Cover Girl. Through this great oppurtunity, I realized that National American Miss is more then a pageant. It's a learning experience for girls of all ages. You don't walk into pageant week/weekend aiming for the crown, you walk in with your head held high and open arms. Through NAM i have made so many friends that will last a lifetime. The National American Miss System isn't just another pageant, it's a way of life, a place where dreams really do come true, and a place where miracles happen! "

Trisha Colwell (Mom of Contestant) Ohio  - As a parent , NAM means great strength and courage. The amount of change in one weekend (for the better) is amazing. The shy quiet girl walks away from NAM feeling confident and ready to face the world with courage thanks to an AWESOME Organization.I am soooo very Proud of My National American Miss Ohio Pre Teen Talent Winner, Mikayla Colwell. 4th Overall in Spokesmodel (that one makes me the most proud). 4th Overall in Actress. And the best part Top 20...Woooo Hooo. She walked away with even more confidence and she is already anxious to go back next year and see everyone and do better than this year.... She is learning more and more every year.
We are definately National American Miss Family for life! Thank you to everyone involved at NAM! You are all Truly Amazing!

Shelby Mcintosh Ohio- NAM to me means opportunity. NAM gives each and every one of us the opportunity to learn new things, experience new friendships and most of all the opportunity to dig deep and find out who we are as girls. My experience with NAM taught me soo many things. From how to present myself during interviews, taking volunteer work and turning it into work experience to just relaxing and being "me". NAM is for every girl...not just the "it" girl. NAM gives us all self-confidence and lets us be proud of who we are and our accomplishments giving us that little nudge of encouragement along the way. I am proud to be a 1st runner up for my State as well as my State Ambassador representing NAM



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