Monday, July 20, 2015

Featuring Miss Florida Teen!

In 2007, I stepped on the National American Miss stage as a frail 11 year old unaware of the life-changing journey I will soon embark on. Eight years later with two state titles, I cannot be more thankful for the opportunities and doors opened by National American Miss. I cannot believe that the time has come to pass on the title of Miss Florida Teen.

It has been a whirlwind of a year to say the least! During my reign I volunteered at hospitals and nursing homes, made special appearances in other pageants, traveled around the state as an emcee for numerous festivals, organizations, and events.

The highlight of my year was traveling to Hollywood, California to represent Florida. I was in cloud 9 to be reunited with old friends and meet new friends from across the country! Nationals was more than I could ever dream off - from the Hollywood tour, Disneyland and themed rehearsals. I was so honored and blessed to bring home Best Resume, 3rd runner up Thank you Note, 1st runner up to the National Photogenic title, and won TWO National titles: National Most Promising Model and National Casual Wear Model! Furthermore, I was blessed to have placed 3rd runner up in the entire nation to the National Queen’s title!!!

I am so thankful for all those who have been part of this beautiful journey, I would not be here without your unconditional love and support. National American Miss has become a huge part of my life for eight years and I am incredibly grateful for the friends, memories, and life skills that I have gained from this wonderful organization.

To all the girls competing and dreaming to hold this prestigious title, keep reaching for the stars and make it a goal to grow and improve as a person during pageant weekend. And to my successor, live your dream and walk into your new reality! Congratulations and good luck at nationals!

Crowns and kisses,

Michaela Abelgas

It's a Top 5 Finish for Miss Pennsylvania Jr. Pre-Teen!

Dear 2015 Pennsylvania Jr Pre Teen State Finalist-
                  I am so excited that you all are coming to this year’s pageant. It is going to be full of excitement and I can’t wait to have so much fun with you. Make sure you remember to bring your camera so we can take lots of pictures together. Also don’t forget your dancing shoes for the 80’s Party!
                  I’ve been so busy this year, 1st I went to the National Pageant in California! My family and I enjoyed every moment of that trip! I’ve been visiting as royalty at many local events, pageants, and parades. I’ve done community service projects though our local chapter of Crowns for Cause. We participated in French creek clean up day, MS Bike tour, Charity walks, and Children’s Fairs. I really enjoyed working with the public. Being a state Queen means much more than wearing a sash and crown, it means giving back to your community and sharing kindness with all that surround you.
                  This August is when it all will begin for you girls! I want you all to bring your great personalities and smiles! I will be there rooting for you all and I can’t wait to meet you. My two favorite sayings are “With Hard Work and Determination Your Dreams Do Come True!” and “Remember to Always Keep Smiling!!!”

Kylie Paige Beck

2014 Miss Pennsylvania Jr Pre Teen Division 2