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A Word from Miss Florida Junior Teen for Division 2 !

Dear contestants, Take a deep breath, relax, and have fun! You have made it to one of the most prestigious pageants in the country. You were chosen from thousands of girls across our beautiful state and now you are here! I know the hundreds of emotions that are rushing through you right now, just one year ago I was standing right where you are, however you cannot forget what this weekend is really about. This weekend is an opportunity of a lifetime; make new friends, create lifelong memories and enjoy precious time with your loved ones. Throughout your time here, you will gain new self traits that you will carry along with you for the rest of your life.  You will have spoken in front of a group of hundreds, you will have experienced what an interview is like, you will have graced the stage in a beautiful gown and, most importantly, you will have given back to our community. No matter what the outcome of this pageant may be, you all are truly winners. Each and every one of you have wo…

It has been a Fun Filled Year for Our Miss Florida Princess for Division 1 !

This year has been so much fun. I still can't forget the night I was crowned Princess Queen for Florida, I was so happy! I worked hard and believed in myself and I won. My mom told me that as Queen I had to be a good role model and give back to the community, so I did. I started by collecting school supplies for the Overtown Youth Center for kids like me that needed supplies to do good in school. I also volunteered a few times with a foundation I really like, the Joshua's Heart Foundation. This foundation was created by a kid who wants to stop hunger in South Florida. I helped give out flyers to the community, and I also helped raise money. I even helped by preparing bags of groceries and handing them to homeless people in Downtown Miami. Another time I helped pack food that would go around the world to feed kids who had no homes and little food with Feed My Starving Children. I learned a lot about kids all over the world and really enjoyed helping them. I even helped the env…

It's a Top 5 Finish for Miss Florida Princess Division 2 !

Dear Contestants,
I hope you are exited about this competition!  It is lots of fun!  Get ready for parties, tours and many new friends.  Here are some things I did while I was the 2012 NAM Florida Princess.  I rode in the Christmas parade with my Grandpa in a 1929 Mercedes. I really enjoyed it!  I also met the governor of Florida, Rick Scott, toured the Governor’s Mansion and visited the Tallahassee Children's Museum.  This was all with other FL NAM Queens and we had a blast!   At Nationals, I was so excited to win 2nd Runner Up!  I went on a Hollywood Tour and got to see the big Hollywood sign on the tour.  I met a really nice girl named Jaymason, the South Carolina Princess, and we became Pen Pals. I collected pop tabs for the Pensacola, FL Ronald McDonald House.  I was able to turn in over 150 pounds!  On one visit, I did chores with my family.  We cleaned and it was really fun to help all the families that were staying there.   Good luck this weekend and remember, the future belong…

What an Awesome Year it Has Been for The 2012 Miss Florida Teen!

Dear Contestants,

What an amazing and busy year it has been!  Being crowned Miss Florida Teen SM was a dream come true for me and has proven to be a memory that will last a lifetime. I have been waiting for this moment for so long and when it happened I was speechless and consumed with tears of joy. It has been an honor to represent the National American Miss and be a role model to every girl and young women across my state.
At Orlando, it was a weekend full of fun activities; a great time making new friends and meeting up with old ones. My experience throughout the whole weekend helped me develop skills and grow in so many ways. 
Back at home, I was named Homestead’s Citizen of the Year and in addition, I received The Kindness Award for having over 1300 hours in community service. I immediately went to work with a charity I started to help needy students in my community raising over $11,500 and helping 115 students. As Miss Florida Teen SM I was invited to various community events and p…