It's a Top 5 Finish for Miss Florida Princess Division 2 !

Dear Contestants,

I hope you are exited about this competition!  It is lots of fun!  Get ready for parties, tours and many new friends. 
Here are some things I did while I was the 2012 NAM Florida Princess.  I rode in the Christmas parade with my Grandpa in a 1929 Mercedes. I really enjoyed it!  I also met the governor of Florida, Rick Scott, toured the Governor’s Mansion and visited the Tallahassee Children's Museum.  This was all with other FL NAM Queens and we had a blast!  
At Nationals, I was so excited to win 2nd Runner Up!  I went on a Hollywood Tour and got to see the big Hollywood sign on the tour.  I met a really nice girl named Jaymason, the South Carolina Princess, and we became Pen Pals.
I collected pop tabs for the Pensacola, FL Ronald McDonald House.  I was able to turn in over 150 pounds!  On one visit, I did chores with my family.  We cleaned and it was really fun to help all the families that were staying there.  
Good luck this weekend and remember, the future belongs to those who believe in their dreams!
Anna-Katherine Risalvato

Fun with sister queens!

Making an official appearance!

Meeting Officials !

Riding in a parade !

Fun at Nationals!!! 


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