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2015 Broadcast Schedule for NAM Nationals!

Just go to to tune in!
All Times Pacific Standard Time
Wednesday, Nov. 25 9:00am – Princess State Queens:  Formal Wear 10:00am – Princess All-American:  Formal Wear 11:30am – Jr. Pre-Teen State Queens:  Formal Wear 12:30pm – Jr. Pre-Teen All-American:  Formal Wear 6:30pm – Princess:  Red Carpet Awards Ceremony 8:15pm – Jr. Pre-Teen:  Red Carpet Awards Ceremony
Thursday, Nov.26 8:15am – Pre-Teen State Queens:  Formal Wear 9:00am – Pre-Teen All-American: Formal Wear 10:45am – Jr. Teen State Queens: Formal Wear 11:30am – Jr. Teen All-American: Formal Wear 12:45pm – Teen State Queens:  Formal Wear 1:30pm – Teen All-American:  Formal Wear 3:30pm – Car Drawing!!!
Friday, Nov. 27 8:00am – Pre-Teen:  Red Carpet Awards Ceremony 12:45pm – Princess All-American:  Pageant Finale 3:15pm – Jr. Pre-Teen All-American:  Pageant Finale 6:00pm – Princess State Queens:  Pageant Finale 8:30pm – Jr. Pre-Teen State Queens:  Pageant Finale
Saturday, Nov. 28 8:00am – Miss All-American & State …