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Tis The Season...

Yesterday the National American Miss Staff took a day off from the National Office to volunteer at the Houston Food Bank. We had a great time volunteering and giving back to our community. The Houston Food Bank is on of the leading organizations to fight hunger. It was so rewarding to make a difference. Every time I volunteer I remember that the true blessing is on the giver, not the recipient.
 The Houston Food Bank Stats: • 70 million pounds distributed last year
• 137,000 different people fed each week
• 865,000 different people fed each year
• nearly 500 hunger relief agencies in 18 southeast Texas
      o Church food pantries
      o Homeless shelters
      o Safe havens for the battered and abused
      o Nutrition sites for children and the elderly
• More than 259,000 volunteer hours contributed annually
                   Girls get out and make a difference ! It's fun, easy, and rewarding!
For More Information on The Houston Food Bank Click Here!

The 2011-2012 National All-American Pre-Teen Shereen Pimentel Spreads Some Christmas Cheer!

The 2011-2012 National All-American Miss Pre-Teen puts a smile on childrens faces as she voluteers her time to help give Chrismas Presents to those in need!