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Showing posts from October 3, 2010

The 2010 NAM Miss New Jersey Teen Melissa Hoffman Takes the Cover of "Supermodels Unlimited" Magazine!!!

Melissa Hoffman The 2010 National American Miss New Jersey Teen is featured on the cover of Supermodels Unlimited Magazine !!!

The 2010 NAM Miss Florida, Kaitlyn Chana was named a REAL TEEN for Aeropostale!!!

         Kaitlyn Chana was crowned the 2010 NAM Miss Florida and was just named a REAL TEEN , for the popular retail, chain, Aeropstale !! The company did away with the faces of top models and selected 8 male and female regular, everyday teenagers to become the faces of their new ad campaigns. The teenager's hail from all across the country and prove that they are REAL TEEN's - just like the companies buyers. As one of Aeropostales REAL TEENS, Kaitlyn will be one of the faces of all the upcoming Aeropostale media and advertisement.

Click to see Kaitlyn on Aeropostale's Website !!!

Arizona NAM Girls are making a HUGE DIFFERENCE !

Visiting the Ronald McDonald House!!!
The 2010-2011 NAM Arizona winners are putting their crowns and banners to work. They have been busy making a difference in thier community. They have volunteered at the Ronald McDonald House, wrote cards to soldiers overseas, and participated in a Freedom Walk honoring those who lost their lives on 9/11 . Way to go for helping others and being outstanding rolemodels for girls across the country !!! Waking at the 9/11 Freedom Walk ! Writing letters to soldiers overseas !

New York Girls Walked for a CURE !!!

The 2010 NAM New York Princess Faith Jackson and Cynthia Rodriguez who placed top 5 in the New York Princess divison volunteeredin the Bronx, New York at The Walk to Cure Diabetes Event. New York NAM GIRLS walking for a CURE !!! Miss New York Princess Faith Jackson and Miss New York Jr Teen Cover Girl Nashay Washington being interviewed at the finish line !

The 2010 NAM New Jersey Winner's Give Back and Make Difference !!!

National American Miss New Jersey Title Holders use their titles to volunteer at the 2010 "Light The Night Walk" that benifits the "The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society" !! Way to go girls , for getting out there and making a difference in the lives of others !!!
The 2010-2011 NAM New Jersey Winners at the Event ! New Jersey Nam Winners Making a difference!