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NAM's Breanne Maples Gives Interview to "The Pageant Planet" !!!

If you know NAM then you know Breanne !!! Breanne gave The Pageant Planet an interview where she discusses what makes NAM different , the 411 in fashion and some great pageant tips !!! Click for Breanne's Interview!!!

Meet 2 NAM girls that put a whole NEW meaning in VOLUNTEERING !!!

It's my honor to introduce to you, two young ladies that have gone above and beyond in volunteering in their community !!! Victoria (akaTori) Knight the 2009 National American Miss Washington Teen and Kennedy Miller former NAM Washington Princess Winner and top 10 at the 2009 National All-American Miss Jr Preteen National pageant have created a pageant that gives back to victims of breast cancer! These two talented young ladies have beautiful voices and can light up the stage like no other. They both placed in the top five for the National Talent Competition and have bright futures ahead of them. Let's get to know them just a little better!!!

Tiffany: How did you get involved in pageants?
Kennedy:Mom says she bought a dress on ebay for pictures when I was really little and the seller asked if the dress was being used for a pageant. My mom said she didn't know anything about pageants so the seller sent her some links to local events. When I was 4 Tori's grandma told my mo…

Meet Danielle Walker The 2009 National American Miss California Teen !!!

Let's meet Danielle Walker the beautiful young lady that took home the 2009 National American Miss California Teen title !!! Danielle placed in the top 10 at the national pageant as well as taking home the National Spokesmodel title and placing in the top 5 for Talent and Casual Wear Modeling !!! Danielle has an amazing voice and some day soon she will be Broadway bound !!!

Tiffany: What does your title mean to you?
Danielle: My title is very meaningful in my life. It is a goal that I set for myself and accomplished. I am very honored and proud to be my states representative. I try my best not to take it for granted because I know how many girls dream of being Miss California. I feel grateful and blessed to be apart of the namiss family.

Tiffany: What activities are you involved in?
Danielle: Currently I am a full time student. I participate in my school's voice and dance program. I'm practicing for three concerts at this moment. The first is a mixed vocal concert, the second …