Meet Danielle Walker The 2009 National American Miss California Teen !!!

Let's meet Danielle Walker the beautiful young lady that took home the 2009 National American Miss California Teen title !!! Danielle placed in the top 10 at the national pageant as well as taking home the National Spokesmodel title and placing in the top 5 for Talent and Casual Wear Modeling !!! Danielle has an amazing voice and some day soon she will be Broadway bound !!!

Tiffany: What does your title mean to you?
Danielle: My title is very meaningful in my life. It is a goal that I set for myself and accomplished. I am very honored and proud to be my states representative. I try my best not to take it for granted because I know how many girls dream of being Miss California. I feel grateful and blessed to be apart of the namiss family.

Tiffany: What activities are you involved in?
Danielle: Currently I am a full time student. I participate in my school's voice and dance program. I'm practicing for three concerts at this moment. The first is a mixed vocal concert, the second is opera, and the third is a dance perfromance for afro-carribean and standard ballroom. My ballroom partner and I are also very interested in competiting, soon we will start preparing for that.

Tiffany:What do your future plans include?
Danielle:After I graduate college with a degree in music performance I plan to apply for grad school. My ultimate goal is to become a professional singer and entertain international audiences.

Tiffany: What community service activities are you involved in?
Danielle: I've had many wonderful opportunites this year to work with charitable organizations. Some of the most memorable were Kids Helping Kids; an event to raise money for Haiti, Toys for Tots, and the Alzheimer's association. At this moment I'm working to collect prom dresses for girls who's families can't afford to buy one.

Tiffany:What is your defintion of a "NAM" girl?
Danielle: NAM girls have many definitions; friendly, ambitious, talented, caring...just to name a few. I personally believe that each name girl redefines what it means to be a queen. Each girl is so different and brings so many positive things to this world that it would be impossible to create a very accurate description.

Tiffany: What is the best advice you have ever received?
Danielle: The best advice that was given to me is simple, "DO NOT GIVE UP." I have failed more times that I have succeeded in life but no one ever seems to notice. They only awknowlegde my accomplishments. This fact gives all of my failed attempts a true purpose. I may not succeed the first time I try something new but, my failures keep me humble and give me great appreciation for the goals I do accomplish.

Tiffany: What is your favorite NAM memory?
Danielle: My favorite nam memory is when the pageant finalists are sang to on stage. It is a perfect moment. As I stand on stage waiting anxiously for the results, I think of everything that I went through to prepare for the pageant. It's the happiest time for me because I tell myself, "What's done is done, I've tried my best." To me it's an indescribable feeling of personal achievement.

Tiffany:What advice do you have for future NAM contestants?
Danielle: My advice to them would be to slow down as much as possible during pageant weekend. Just look around an be happy to be where you are at any given time during the pageant.
Tiffany: What is your favorite part about NAM?
Danielle: My favoite part about NAM is that they aren't looking to crown a girl that fits into a certain mold or persona. We are able to showcase who we really are during competitions. The staff is always friendly and encourages each contestant to have fun just being herself.

Tiffany:What is your most prized possession
Danielle: My most prized possession is a ring that my grandmother gave to me when I was a little girl. It holds a lot of sentimental significance. My grandmother is my personal role model and is someone I continuously look up too.
Tiffany: How would your friends describe you?
Danielle: My friends say that I'm happy all the time. I would agree with them. I love life and try to take everyday for what it is, good or bad. I'm just thankful for all the things and people that God has blessed me with. I try to let everyone know how much they mean to me and that I love having them in my life.

Tiffany: If you could eat dinner with anyone who would it be ?
Danielle: If I could eat dinner with anyone, it would be with Sutton Foster. I love to sing her songs for talent competitions because I think she has an amazing voice. She seems like a very genuine person, also someone who can give me some advice about singing.


  1. My name is Brittany Ramos. I am the 2010 Miss Beaumont Princess. I have met Danielle Walker and she is an amazing girl! I would love to see her again! She was so kind and just so excited to meet the Miss Beaumont Court. She is a great role model for young girls. She is really a great person. HAVE FUN DANIELLE!!


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