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Britnee Kellogg the Official National American Miss National Entertainer and former Miss Washington is taking Nashville by Storm!!!

Britnee Kellogg a former Miss Washington Jr Teen and the official National American Miss National Entertainer took Nashville by storm !!! Britnee won a singing competition and she was able to travel to Nashville and work with TAYLOR SWIFT!!! Brittnee is on her way to taking over country music!!!Britnee is the sweetest girl with a beautiful voice! We are so proud of Britnee, Keep your ears posted because someday soon you may be jamming out to one of Britnee's hit songs!!!

Britnee singing at the National Pageant !!

Britnee and Tiffany!!!

Meet The 09-10 National American Miss Jr Teen Sarah Summers !

It's time to get the inside scoop on this charming corn husker, Sarah Summers is the beautiful 2009-2010 National American Miss Jr Teen!!! Let’s find out what this leader is all about as she will represent today's teens for the next year!!! Check out her exclusive interview where she gives tips on how she captured the national title and on what she is doing now!!!

Tiffany: What was your first reaction when you won your national title?
Sarah: I was in shock. My first thought was “What? I’m from Nebraska!?” I am continuously amazed and grateful.

Tiffany: How did you prepare for nationals?
Sarah: I rewrote my personal introduction, practiced it numerous times, got a gorgeous new gown, and packed of course!

Tiffany: How did you get involved in NAM?
Sarah: I was blessed to have NAM be my first pageant. I started at age ten when I got a postcard in the mail! NAM is different than any other pageant; I love every aspect of the pageant.

Tiffany: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Miss Texas Junior Teen Danielle Doty is UpDating her Portfolio!!!

Danielle Doty the Miss Texas Junior Teen 2009SM is updating her portfolio and is on her way to working as a commercial print model. Danielle is a junior in high school where she is a top student and a member of the varsity cheerleading squad!!! Danielle is an active volunteer and a top casual wear modeling competitor. Check out these awesome pictures!!!

Meet The 09-10 National All-American Miss PreTeen Adina Triolo !!!

Get the inside scoop on this outstanding Jersey girl !! Adina Triolo is our newly crowned National All-American Miss PreTeenand has a fantastic ride ahead of her as she reperesents the PreTeen's of America !!!

Tiffany: What was your first reaction when you won your national title?
Adina: My first reaction when I realized I had won was – WOW!!! AM I DREAMING?!! I was stunned! I never thought I would have made it so far as to be crowned queen! When they called the first runner up, I felt shocked and confused…I actually recall getting dizzy; I didn’t believe what was really happening until I felt the crown being placed on my head by Nicole! I started crying tears of happiness and my legs were shaking because of my excitement!

Tiffany: How did you prepare for Nationals?
Adina: Having been to Nationals before in 2007, I knew that I had a lot of work to do. For the optional competitions, I tried to make all my performances really fun and interesting by bringing lots of personality. I pra…

Texas Pageant Expo

The Texas Pageant Expo was this Saturday in Houston Texas. The best of the best in the pageant world gathered to share their expertise and promote the competitive edge in pageantry. Several NAM title holders were there, including The 2009-2010 National All- American Miss Jr Teen Kendyl Kimbler !!! It was a who's who event with the best known in make-up , hair and gowns. There was a high energy fashion show that showcased the latest in gowns and appearance attire. Two of the models were former NAM Texas titleholders Ashton Theiss Miss Texas Jr Teen 2006 and Allison Garza Miss Texas Teen 2008. What a fun a day ! We had a blast promoting National American Miss and reconnecting with old friends !!

Shelby 09 South Texas Jr PreTeen and Bailey 09 North Texas Jr PreTeen... Crazy Girls !!!