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Former New York Princess is featured in a NEW XOTABLET Commercial!

Former Miss New York Princess Faith Jackson just shot a new commercial for the new xotablet! Check it out now! Keep your eyes open for this up and coming actress!

Faith is also featured in numerous print ads!
With her former sister queens!
Faith placed in the top 10 at the NAM National Pageant!

The 2013 NAM National Schedules!

National American Miss Queen, All-American Queen, & Optional Contest Competitions
This is the tentative schedule of activities. The times shown are based on our previous annual event times and are subject to change. However, the Registration times on the starting days, as well as the Final Pageant times on the ending days, are the actual certain times for this year's event. A detailed schedule of activities, with the finalized times for this year, will be mailed to all national pageant registrants no later than one month prior to the event. Visit our Registration page for registration options. Key To Your Activities at the National Pageant Which Activities Will You Attend?  - National American Miss Competitors  - National All-American Miss Competitors  - Girls only competing in Optional contests
Nov. 23rd-29th princess
Girls age 4 - 6 as of
January 1st, 2013 jr. pre-teen
Girls age 7 - 9 as of
January 1st, 2013  Saturday 11:00 am-2:00pm - Registration 3:00pm-6:00pm – Optional Contest Rehear…