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Featuring Former NAM winner Brianna Haggerty-Cannon

Brianna Haggerty- Cannon 2005-2006 National American Miss and.... 2003-2004 National All American Miss Teen. That's right, she has won 2 national titles! She comes from the great state of Texas. 

Her favorite memory from her reign: Traveling to state pageants was her absolute favorite part of being a national title holder; She loved meeting different people in each state and serving as an inspiration to many young girls. She is still in contact with hundreds of people that she met during her summer tour as National American Miss. What is she up to now: Graduated from Texas Christian University in 2008 with a degree in Fashion Merchandising & Entrepreneurial Management, then continued her graduate education at the University of North Texas to obtain a Master of science in Merchandising. -Brianna's career in retail spans more than 13 years, as has worked in management for some of the world's leading luxury retailers including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and her present career with Ne…