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Meet The 2014 -2015 National American Miss Madisen Hill!

NAM: Tell us about yourself: Madisen: My name is Madisen Hill and I am a 21 year old actress, singer, dancer, and writer. I started pursuing a career in entertainment in Los Angeles just before I turned 15 years old and I’ve been at it ever since. While keeping my faith in God as number one in my life, I’ve accomplished things I never thought possible. Currently a host of Live Life & Win!, a national television series focusing on inspirational teen success stories, I strive to influence the youth of our generation.
NAM: What are your plans for the future? Madisen: As I proceed with a career in the entertainment industry, I hope to own and operate my own performing arts school, and eventually raise a family of my own.
NAM: What motto or quote best describes you? Madisen: “Take pride in how far you’ve come and have faith in how far you can go.” This quote is a constant reminder that as long as I have faith in myself and God’s plans for my dreams, as well as being grateful for the thin…