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Featuring Miss New Jersey Pre-Teen Cover Girl Malak Ayyash!

As boys to men would say "It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday." But I must pass the torch on to someone else to light up the world with love, peace, and happiness. It is so hard to believe that it has been one year since I started my journey as your New Jersey PreTeen Cover Girl. I felt so grateful to have had such a wonderful experience and so happy to have done it alongside my beautiful sister queens. This past year has been so amazing I had the pleasure of helping out so many local fundraisers and events. I met amazing people and had a memorable photo shoot with my beautiful sister queens. When I went to nationals I had the time of my life.  I got to meet a lot of life long friends, go on a Hollywood tour, go to Disneyland, and even got to do the whip and nae nae with Rayvon from American Idol boy was that the highlight of my night.  
Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Mayes for creating a wonderful Organization for young ladies such as myself and others. My growth of confide…

It's Been an Awesome Year for Miss New Jersey Jr. Pre-Teen Cover Girl Michaela McHenry!

Michaela McHenry 2015 National American Miss New Jersey Junior Pre-Teen Cover Girl is so excited about the upcoming State Pageant! Here is a message from your reigning Miss New Jersey Junior Pre Teen Cover Girl and National Cover Girl 2015-2016.It has been such a great year and I LOVE being a part of the NAM Family.Having 2 older brothers...I have always wanted a sister and now I have Sisters all over the country!My favorite part of being the New Jersey Junior Pre-Teen Cover Girl is all the friends I have made.I was so excited to travel to California for Nationals and visit Disneyland, Hollywood, the Santa Monica Pier and the American Girl Doll Store!We also got to see our California friends Auntie Nicole and Jake and go to Roscoes for chicken and waffles...delicious!I proudly represented New Jersey as I made the top 10 in the Nation at Nationals...Krisann I will never forget this moment it was like we won the lotto!!!A huge thank you to Krisann for coming to CA...I could not have don…

Meet Miss New York Sarah Volmy!

To the beautiful young lady(ies), reading this, consider yourself BLESSED! You are participating in an eventful weekend with the #1 pageant system in America. Whether you take home that state crown this weekend, just be thankful because 1). You tried your hardest, 2). I believe that you are a beautiful person both inside and out 3). Never give up and come back the following year stronger than ever! Those three advice were given to both my siblings and I for the past 17+ years that the Volmy family has been involved with National American Miss. Reigning as Miss New York has inspired me to reach my fullest potential in all realms of life. From Volunteering at numerous non-profit charities, to participating in various amount of walks, to using my own voice to become an activist for important human rights issues. I am so thankful that National American Miss has encouraged me to “become the difference that I want to see in this world.” Making a difference starts with YOUSELF; youare becomi…

New Interview with National All-American Miss Jr.Teen Jada Newkirk!

Megan Alexander is on the Cover of Pageantry Magazine!

It all started with a letter in the mail for Megan Alexander, thats when she signed up for her very first pageant, at just 12 years old. You can now find Megan corresponding for the hit news show "Inside Edition". Megan has been involved with NAM since the start and you can still find her emceeing NAM state pageants from time to time. Megan's husband Brian is also a NAM state director. Megan is featured in this issue of Pageantry Magazine, so make sure you check out her informative interview. Megan has a brand new book coming out this October "Faith in the Spotlight"!  Click Here for the Article!

New Video with Miss Texas Jr. Teen Justice Thompson!

Ever wonder what it is like to represent NAM? Check out this awesome video by Miss Texas Jr. Teen Justice Thompson! Thank you Justice for representing NAM so well!

Meet Miss New York Teen!

My dreams had become a reality after being crowned the title of Miss New  York Teen. With such a prestigious title, a girl with many goals was  ready to conquer the world. I wanted to empower children and remind them  that they can do anything they set their minds too. On this journey, I  raised money for St. Jude and attended the St. Jude Walk. I visited the  Ronald McDonald House and cooked breakfast for the families. I spoke  about anti-bullying. I sorted books for an organization called The Book  Fairies. I also made various appearances at pageants and fashion shows,  including New York Fashion Week. On top of volunteering, I made friends  from all over the nation and even went to other state pageants to visit  royalty. My sister queens and I have developed an unbreakable bond. I am  your reigning Miss New York Teen, Alyssa Manthos.

Miss New York Jr. Pre-Teen will Crown her Successor!

Wow, what an amazing journey it has been. It feels just like yesterday, when I was crown your 2015 New York Junior Preteen.   Having an opportunity to represent the state of New York was truly an honor. I spent my time volunteering for different organization, promoting the important of literacy , making appearances, spending time with my sister queens. Nationals was AMAZING.  I had a blast at Disney, Hollywood tours, and even had a chance to meet some celebrities. I met so many girls from  different states and have learned so many valuable lifelong skills. 
This year would not have been the same without the love and support from my family and friends. I love you all.To my sister queens and cover girls, Isabella, m Alyssa ,Danielle , Alyssa and Sarah , Jada and Kim. I want to thank you so much for all of our great memories. I will cherish them forever.     To Mr. and Mrs. Mayes, Mrs.Edwards and my Namily – Thank you for making this experience a great one. To Dad , Thank you for lettin…

What an Awesome Year it has been for Miss New York Princess!

I remember before we went to the pageant saying the “Pageant Prayer” with my grandmother.We wished the best of luck to all the contestants and she reminded me “Bella if you don’t win, remember, you are a winner anyway”.As I stood on the top 15, I remember being tired and excited at the same time.The Emcee took her time announcing all the winners, but when she said “and your new National American Miss New York is (long pause) Izabella Paredes! I remember seeing my mother jump up and down in excitement, my grandparents screaming, my brother, my aunt everyone in the crowd clapping … Yes! I did it! I won my first pageant! I was just standing tall, and smiling, I started to cry when I saw my mother on stage with me, and of course, with tears in my eyes I took pictures.
As my year started as your new NAM NY Princess, I started to connect with my sister queens, and their families.My most pleasing experience was collecting clothes and foods for those in need.I loved taking all the items to chu…

What an Amazing Year for Miss Texas Pre-Teen Madisyn Schafer!

We are so honored to have Madisyn represent NAM for the past year! Watch her exciting video to find out she spent her year!

Miss Pennsylvania Pre-Teens Year in Review!

Check out the amazing year Miss Pennsylvania Pre-Teen had representing NAM!

Featuring Miss New Jersey Pre-Teen Skyy Hills

This year, hands down, is a year I will never forget for the rest of my life. It all started near the beginning of the year when a few friends told me about NAM. I got interested immediately but oh boy I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I was getting myself into something so much bigger than myself and it pushed me to be a better person and work my hardest at everything I do! This year has been a true blessing. From the second I was crowned to traveling all the way to California to represent my state! It all was amazing and something I'll never forget! I met so many girls from all across the country, and I am still friends with them today. NAM has opened my eyes to so many more opportunities throughout my community that has helped me leave a mark. Throughout my year I was able to work along side my beautiful sister queens in Susan G Koman walks, The Arc Walk, and so many more. And even by myself I was able to spend my time assisting horseback riding lessons for spe…