Meet Miss New York Teen!

My dreams had become a reality after being crowned the title of Miss New 
York Teen. With such a prestigious title, a girl with many goals was 
ready to conquer the world. I wanted to empower children and remind them 
that they can do anything they set their minds too. On this journey, I 
raised money for St. Jude and attended the St. Jude Walk. I visited the 
Ronald McDonald House and cooked breakfast for the families. I spoke 
about anti-bullying. I sorted books for an organization called The Book 
Fairies. I also made various appearances at pageants and fashion shows, 
including New York Fashion Week. On top of volunteering, I made friends 
from all over the nation and even went to other state pageants to visit 
royalty. My sister queens and I have developed an unbreakable bond. I am 
your reigning Miss New York Teen, Alyssa Manthos.


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