Meet Miss New York Sarah Volmy!

To the beautiful young lady(ies), reading this, consider yourself BLESSED! You are participating in an eventful weekend with the #1 pageant system in America. Whether you take home that state crown this weekend, just be thankful because 1). You tried your hardest, 2). I believe that you are a beautiful person both inside and out 3). Never give up and come back the following year stronger than ever! Those three advice were given to both my siblings and I for the past 17+ years that the Volmy family has been involved with National American Miss.
Reigning as Miss New York has inspired me to reach my fullest potential in all realms of life. From Volunteering at numerous non-profit charities, to participating in various amount of walks, to using my own voice to become an activist for important human rights issues. I am so thankful that National American Miss has encouraged me to “become the difference that I want to see in this world.” Making a difference starts with YOUSELF; you  are becoming aware of how to reach the lives of others while doing whatever you can to ensure that everyone you interact with has a smile on their face. While going out in the big world and changing the lives of thousands, it is essential that you continue to DREAM BIG!
“Know your passion, and if you do not know your passion, then go out into this beautiful big world and find it!”
    Yours Truly,      
 Sarah Volmy

   Miss New York 


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