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Meet The 2011-2012 National American Miss Jr PreTeen Peyton Newman!

Tiffany: How did you get involved in National American Miss? Peyton: I had just finished my reign as the Little Miss for our village.I was sad that it was over because we had sooo much fun!National American Miss’s letter came in the mail and I knew I wanted to do it!My mom was in bed sick so my dad signed me up!
Tiffany:How did you prepare for the National Pageant? Peyton:I did not practice too much because that makes me VERY nervous.I practiced lots of interview questions with my mom whenever we were just drying my hair or driving or just had some free time.She just asked me questions about myself and I practiced answering without saying the words “like” or “umm.”After open calls, I practiced walking slowly.And for my personal introduction, I liked to practice using my karaoke machine.The microphone on it helped a lot!

Tiffany:What is the best advice you have ever received? Peyton:The best advice I have ever received is a common one.My mom has always told me to be myself, not the person n…