Miss Indiana Jr.Teen is Featured in the News for her Efforts to Prevent Bullying!

Miss Indiana Jr.TeenSM with former Miss America Katie Stam!

Bailey Jaclyne Perez,Miss Indiana Jr.TeenSM, is featured in the news for her efforts to help 
prevent bullying! 
Check out the article below! 

All the talk about TRUTH

Bailey Perez (10) speaks to friends about what she plans to do with TRUTH. Many different organizations and states have reached out to Perez for help.
Sophie Sablich, Yearbook Design Editor
October 3, 2013
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Bailey Perez (10) reaches out to Northwest Indiana teens with TRUTH: Teens Responsible Unite To Help.

Perez created this anti-bullying organization in June with the help of her brother, Blaine O’Neill-Perez (’12). Although Perez is the founder, her name cannot be recognized until 18 years of age. This organization was created in response to her own high school experiences and what was perceived by Perez as inactivity of the administration.

“[TRUTH] made me take a step back and think about others. I didn’t want people to feel the way that I was, so I decided to make this organization,” Perez said.

As of now, TRUTH is based out of Northwest Indiana, but Perez hopes to expand it nationally with the help of social media. The TRUTH Facebook page increased coverage and led other states like New York, New Mexico, Arizona, and Texas to contacting Perez.

In November, Perez is traveling to Anaheim, California to compete in the National American Miss Pageant. A giant board will be accompanying Perez, in hopes of inspiring other girls to get involved with this organization.
“I really want the board to be filled with pledges for no bullying,” Perez said.
TRUTH monthly meetings will be held at the new Schererville Parks Department building. Kids can come share their stories with each other while discussing their struggles. For more information, visit the TRUTH website, Facebook or Twitter page.


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