Featuring Miss Texas 2019

A year ago, I was blessed with the title of the 2019 National American Miss Texas. Seven years ago, I got a letter in the mail for an open call, and the Lord placed a dream in my heart. When I participated in my first North Texas pageant in 2013, I was a shy thirteen-year-old and unsure of myself. Each year, I would work hard to present the best version of myself to the judges, and every time I would improve and see my confidence growing. I am now a confident, self-assured, goal-oriented senior in college. Throughout my years with NAM I have made friendships and had the best summers of my life. Going to Nationals this year as a state queen was a dream come true and I loved being able to meet so many amazing women across the country. NAM has given me amazing opportunities and throughout my reign, I was able to represent the great state of Texas as Nationals, work with different non-profit organizations throughout the state, bond with my sister queens. Thank you to my family and friends for continuing to support me through my pageant journey. My best piece of advice for the contestants is to not think about the outcome and enjoy the weekend with family and new friends you will make! 

Good luck and have fun!

Christina Browdy

2019 National American Miss Texas



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